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kennfoo 282w ago
Malaysian version of Transformers. Dafuq?

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Venezia! Shooting with colourful Italian houses and with the MagBeam! #KennCrossContinentsTour #KennFoo @magnetmod
Huge hugs and kisses to Baby M for completing her first ever kindy concert! Such a proud parent moment to see her perform on stage with so much passion! Way to go Princess!! #ProudParents #MakaylaFoo @michellelum @jimmyrubyfoo
Just in case you guys don't know, KENNFOO Weddings has a Facebook page that is regularly updated (infact, most updates on our work is done there!). Do head to our page and hit the 'Like Page' button and follow us to get the most recent updates on our work!

Finally after more than a year of planning, we are extremely excited to announce that we are venturing into the world of Pre Wedding Cinematography!

Tell your love story through Kenn's Award Winning Photography Masterpiece and at the same time, through his Cinematography short-films. Now, that's killing two birds with one stone - in style!

A little on this short film: Our couple Nick and Karen decided to have their pre wedding done in Kyoto during the Sakura season and this film revolves around having a dream and getting that dream come true!

For a complete view of Nick and Karen's Photographs + Videos, visit our website page here:


#KennCrossContinentsTour #KennFoo #KennfooMotionCollection
So excited that we are about to announce something huge! A little sneak peak before the announcement: We had been running a hidden project for more than a year now and man its really not an easy thing to keep our mouths zipped (and not to share our progress in social media!), but yep! We made it and its happening! Stay tuned for the announcements in these few days! ** Some friends and dear couples had already know, but hush hush guys! 😜 **

Such a cute mooncake box! 😁
A KL trip wouldnt be complete without feasting the Swedish meatballs! @michellelum
Creating Believable Dreams for Dr. Farid and Dr. Fazliana at Milan, Italy.

We had been waiting for months to share the beautiful pre wedding moments we created for them and finally we can! Can't wait to share more of their images!

• Bridal makeover by @michellelum
• Shot with the @magnetmod speedlight modifier (MagSphere)

#KennCrossContinentsTour #KennFoo #faridxfazliana
So proud and happy to see a gallery of our work at Dr Farid and Dr Fazliana's wedding! Thanks for having us tonight! #faridxfazliana @michellelum #KennFoo
Attending Dr Farid and Dr Fazliana's wedding tonight! Absolutely lovely wedding at St Regis! @michellelum
Congratulations my friend Barry on the grand opening of your studio! @barry_999
A little something that's not related with photography. This is another side of my hobby: keeping fishes. Had been into this hobby for almost a year now and thanks to my buddy @yuboon for 'poisoning' me so deeply! Haha.

I have a 200 litres aquarium which houses my pet Goldfishes, Loaches, Danios and my cleaning lady Pleco. Have had the tank running for 8 months and now I am exploring into aquarium plants. Am setting up a 20 litre nano tank with planted seeds and the result is amazing! Pray I can maintain them as good as my 200 litres! #JustAnotherHobby #BetterThanDayDream