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tallcece 282w ago
First time wearin the retainers in a while., this'll be rough in the morning. #thuglevel #invisalign

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impossible to get your kids looking at the camera at the same time am I right parents?? #DogBowl2017
Come for the game, stay for the horribly framed pics you get when you ask the people behind you to take one✨🏈🌝
Happy Birthday to this lil snack who almost always stops and lets me take his picture in front of things when I ask 😘 #25
I found my light & he prematurely practiced his victory dance 👊🏼💥🎾 #sunday
Tip: take pics w/ ur pups outside of the actual dog park so you don't embarrass them in front of their new friends.
can't believe this lil brick house been at it for a whole year with us- they grow up so fast!😭😍😅💗 #americanbully #imhermom