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mcnuge 151w ago
Went to get a pie for Thanksgiving, came back with a great lunch! Chicken sandwich, quinoa salad, okra, crab and corn soup all delicious, courtesy of @spottedsalamander
mcnuge 152w ago
Pumped for basketball season this year, Frank gonna take us to the promised land #carolinahoops #FRANKophile
mcnuge 171w ago
Happy Independence Day and happy birthday pops
mcnuge 173w ago
Fresh cut, what do y'all think? Yea @emcoadyy is asleep at 8 on a friday #nightnurse #nobodysafe #imdead
mcnuge 176w ago
Be nice if this was every day
mcnuge 177w ago
Snagged the sun popping up on the way to kill some dolphin this morning #fishnotporpoise
mcnuge 177w ago
Because I'm in the car on a Thursday... #tbt still pretty surreal to be done with school for good
mcnuge 178w ago
Just rescued Crush ' s cousin from the middle of the road #finnogginduude #tortuga