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roua_b 282w ago
A piece of #India in Jeddah!!
  • mu_hamza 282w ago

    ايش الليلة الهندية إلي إنتي فيها دي ما شاء الله ؟

  • roua_b 282w ago

    @mu_hamza غمرة

  • akhmees 282w ago

    هيه كنه عرس عيال عمي! : p وش سالفته ؟

  • roua_b 282w ago

    @akhmees راجووو هاها، إيه هاذا بالظبط مثل عرسهم بس هاذا يسمونه غمرة يسونه للعروس قبل الزواج زي ليلة الحنة في الشرقية والجلوات عند اهل القطيف على قول مي

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roua_b 52w ago
Climbing Mt. Batur to catch sunrise.

Status: Active Volcano
Elevation: 5,633'
Age: 23,670 Years

Traveling for discovery, adventure and culture. An introspection through the lens of our whimsical life.


roua_b 80w ago
Distorted realities within reflections
roua_b 80w ago
Downhill cycling to this view
roua_b 80w ago
Another day of beach foraging. Going barefoot was the only way to do it! The process consisted of three stages, walking through mud and cow poop, then passing by big farms with beautiful cows and finally, climbing down steep sharp rocks followed by around 500 steps.
roua_b 80w ago
Bat cave overlooking a secret virgin beach.