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  Posted: May 17, 2012 8:01 PM FEED
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#picstitch Walkway n our community, that my girls refuse to walk...

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When the Holy Spirit puts scripture in your heart 💛😘💛
Happy Birthday to my sister Yanni!!!! My sister is 29 today, I’m screaming!!! Omgosh I’m lost for words, this is a first lol!!! I wish you many many many more birthdays, enjoy your last year in your 20’s because after this year your butt is officially OLD!!! 29 where? You still have that cute baby face looking like your 19!!! Love you to death never lose that smile!!! 💛😘💛
Nurse Precious and Penelope to the rescue!!! Yesterday they did not take part in walking, they opted to take care of their daddy!!! Co-parenting at its finest. Thanks Rich for coming down while your sick and spending time with the girls, so I could enjoy the walk!!!
Rozzy’s Angels!!! Walking in honor of my mommy!!!
My other half is truly a man after God heart. This past year he truly has shown me what it is to solely rely on God. I have watch God provide for him and make things happen for him. This man does not do anything unless God tells him to do. Seeing how he trust God, has only strengthened my Walk. He tells me always Keena be patient and it’s because he truly knows how God will is on his time not ours but we have to first trust with all of our heart.
Next Sunday, Rozzy’s Angels will be walking In Honor of Roslyn at the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk. The first time walking this walk, I had to literally beg my mom to do it with me. She was in a wheelchair at this point and was dependent on others. She finally agreed to walk with me in Westport, CT. It was the most challenging but yet rewarding walk we did together. And we did plenty of walks before this, but this was the first time we walked honoring her. At that time we were honoring her being a survivor, beating Breast Cancer the first time. I pushed my mom up hills as Princess sat on her lap, took it easy down hills so she did not slip out her chair, she was so uncomfortable but she did it for me!!! My mom was the definition of Independent, so relying on others was something she hated doing. She was the type to do it on her own and struggle in silence. She never wanted to burden others and people really did not see her sweat until she decided to die at home and not at a hospice. But We left that walk proud, we had tackled it together as many other things. She was eager to get home take off her sun glasses, get out of that wheelchair and rest in bed. So Since her death I continue to tackle and do my part in Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. My mom did not beat Cancer the second time, but I pray that others don’t have to lose the fight against Breast Cancer.
Listening to these lyrics at work is the worst!!! I can’t truly enjoy the Holy Spirit within me, I want to Shout, I want to Praise you Father God, I want to Give you all the Glory and kneel before you and say Amen for all that you have done and continue to do. But I’m at work and I don’t want any side eyes, but Father God I am your Child and I LOVE YOU!!!
Sometimes we need to be reminded that he is always with us and we are never alone...
My Sisters in Christ!!! We pray together, we pray for each other and we serve Christ together!!! We study together, we worship together and we praise together!!! We get lost in Christian books together, convicted by the spirit together!!! These are the friendships I desire and I’m happy we are on this journey together!!! I love you all!!! 💛😘💛
I just desire to be a servant of yours Father God!!! 💛
I hear you Future God and I trust the future you have for me, Thank You for your unfailing love 💛😘💛