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yoedgar 282w ago
Huge shout out to @4fuksake on all the likes!

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I would like to do this again as soon as possible.
The look you get when you remind her we got work to finish before the weekend can start.
Managed to get 10 shots in from last nights race before realizing my battery was low and I did not have an extra battery on me.
One of the most memorable meals I will ever have. Sunset on the coast plus a show put on by the whales in the ocean.
I wish the bottom of every staircase had a spot like this waiting for me.
What is life? Why am I here? - Tom the bird.
It won't be my last visit but I will never forget this first trip.
I am pretty sure none of us will ever forget this cup of coffee.
This weekend has been full of beautiful views and amazing adventures.