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Omg omg I entered. I hope I hope I hope I win!!! Gahhhhhhh 😅😁😍 @harpercollinsus @harperperennial
Gotta express my appreciation for my good friend, Blaise—without whom the drive to Tacoma would’ve been exponentially more difficult. Can’t wait until he comes back to visit. #DeborahHasThatShirtNow
This is how I’m getting all the way to Tacoma. 🤦🏻‍♂️😜 #OnTheRoad #NotLikeKeruacTho #MaybeKinda #EhNotReally
Nice. Got a fully functioning Olympia SM5. Now I just gotta figure out how I’m gonna fit it in my car with the others. 😅😵 #obsession #didntpay #couldntsayno
One thing I’m gonna miss is seeing my beautiful, brilliant goddaughter grow up right before my eyes. Spending some quality time now. #Family
Kinda bummed we didn't use the Declaration of True American this summer. 😕 #merrrrr
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Last days in New York being spent in good company. Leaving is beginning to feel weird. But I know I'm ready.
Had a great time with my brother @jgorman13 seeing #PaulMcCartney live at MSG. Bruce Springsteen even came out to perform a song with Paul. Swipe for videos.