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  Posted: May 17, 2012 11:38 AM FEED
3 Amaro
  • Put it away timos!

  • We had to call a plumber cause those pipes were about to burst

  • He walked home like that - can you imagine the traffic chaos?

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We've had a lot of conversations around the gym about how to be a good pad holder.
Coach Phillip did a lot of work on mastering the art of pad holding recently in Thailand, if you're concerned about your technique just ask for a few extra pointers. #muaythaimonday
#Repost @fortunedigital (@get_repost)
Here's a look back at a video we made for Denis Kelly. We took a different approach to introducing a coach and showcasing their coaching style. We aimed to highlight that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can be for everybody.
Our Gym members doing the weight loss challenge will already be in their second week! Hope they are smashing it.
But we encourage all members to set goals with time limits, be consistent and have fun.
With the business rebranding soon all Team Nemesis merchandise will become a bit of a legacy of where we started, can't wait to see where we go.
Hope your weekend is as good as this armbar.
That doesn't look pleasant. Luckily all of our drills are run and supervised by extremely knowledgable trainers who create a safe environment to practice in.
The range of skill in class can vary a lot, but when higher belts test their knowledge to coach lower ranked belts, and beginners take note of the hints and tips from more experienced people in class it becomes a super efficient environment for everyone to improve.
Photo from our in house MMA comp. So good to see people mixing their talents and testing their abilities #takedowntuesday
Come to class early and have a good skip to warm up.
At the moment we are focusing on footwork, being light and quick. Regular skipping will help strengthen calves and improve cardio making these drills even more beneficial. #muaythaimonday
Another week done and dusted, who's coming to Gi BJJ Monday night?
After Friday night’s female only seminar I think the girls are keen to put a few new skills into action.
Looks like the girls were dominating this class.
Hope everyone enjoyed grading on Saturday, hard work pays off.
The first step to gaining control of the fight #takedown
Not sure if your arm is meant to bend that way.. Still a good kick though.
This Friday we are hosting our female only Muay Thai and BJJ workshops, give us a call to see if there are any spots left!
Putting everything you know into practice when sparring is awesome to give you a good feeling of how you're progressing and what suits you personally as a fighter.
Keep up to date on our fun and friendly beginners sparring nights.
Getting excited for our female only BJJ workshop. It's a great opportunity to get started or ask questions about things you've had issues with in other classes (and hopefully learn a few sneaky moves to use on the guys in regular classes)