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  Posted: May 17, 2012 8:08 AM FEED
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Posted: Aug 17, 2017 3:12 AM
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Another #SmokeySunset! I wish I paid attention in photography class instead of me sliding buttons on the #ISO and #exposure and #whitebalance on my phone. Someone learn me how to take a good photo please!
@sendmeyoursunset #sendmeyoursunset
Tuesday's #dinner at 6 Rivers Brewing is #FriedChicken. They usually sell out by the time I'm able to go, but yesterday we got there early to catch it!

Posted: Jun 10, 2017 9:02 PM
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For 9 months you carried me in your belly. For 30 years you've fed me. For 30 years you've cared for my well being. For 30 years you've taught me. For 30 years you have loved me. For 30 years you have carried my heart in yours.
Thank you Mom for literally everything that is good in my life. I love you very much! Thank especially for always loving me unconditionally - and letting me become a person that you are proud to call your son.
It's [almost] time for Dodger baseball!! It's going to be a different year without Vin calling the games, but it will still be a great Dodgers season! Can't wait to get cray for opening day in a couple weeks! @zissou12 @sinafornia @icemann_88 @eric_jjj #ITFDB #GoBlue #Doyers #FuckFrisco #FuckPadres #GeoLikesItInDaButt
At the very very end passed the #BridgeToNowhere is a little swimming hole. Although I'm not a very good swimmer I enjoy jumping into these holes cause I can reach the sides fairly quickly before having someone rescue me. #HikeSundays
"May your search through nature... lead you to yourself"
I've never seen so much water flowing from these falls! It's awesome going on these trails and seeing the results from the rain affecting the scenery! #SundayHikes #MrNomNomsAdventures #HermitFalls #SturtevantFalls
Posted: Feb 6, 2017 11:25 PM
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I'm an #uncle! Congratulations Jen and Sean!!!! #RemiSophiaNguyen is simply perfect! I can't wait to show my #niece how to get her nom noms on! I guessed the day right so I get to be the godfather right?? 😎
#sunset out in the #desert after a long day hanging out with some of the homies.
#views at #HorseshoeBend in Arizona. One of the easiest sight seeing adventures I've been on. I love hiking and vow to go on a lot more for my #NewYearsResolution but I'd love to do more sight seeing where all you have to do is drive and walk a mile to see outstanding nature at its finest!
#MrNomNomsAdventures 📷: @imichellen
I'm always excited to attend an event hosted by @rainwatergallery - especially when my good friends at @santaanariverbrewing are pouring new free beer! Everybody should be recovered from their New Year's hangover by Monday...if not, have a beer at 2 in the afternoon on the 2nd of January anyways!

#FreeBeerTomorrow #Actuallyin2days
#SkylightArch in Utah. Climbing all those rocks made it worth it to be on top to see more rocks!
Are you ready to go on a #BBQ #NomNomAdventure in the middle of winter?? Had to use the #Nashville filter for this one. Pumped up for tomorrow's game! I'll be freezing my butt off but the adrenaline will keep me warm!! 😊😏🙌👌👏🖒🖖💗🌁✈🛩🛳🛫🌧🌦❄💨💦💧🏈🏈🏈🍻🎉🎈🎁 #TitanUp #TenVsKC #GoTitans #GoBlue #TennesseeTitans #SuperMariota #CantWaitToTomahawk #MrNomNomsAdventures