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  Posted: May 17, 2012 7:58 AM FEED
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Friday, October the 13th
Dad made us love @korn_official growing up so we had to surprise him for Father's Day.
So I took this photo of my bros back in 2015 when I was stressing for a class project and what I told everyone was "Just act like you're doing something important or studying, as long as it looks believable." I used my pictures for class and I hadn't noticed this small detail, one that we were so accustom to already; Jeremy being Jeremy.
Had my professor not pointed it out, I would've probably disregarded how Hatfield was nonchalantly reading an article totally upside down. But the thing was, he did exactly what I told everybody to do, which was "act believable." He didn't crack a smile while posing, he didn't ask to see the picture afterwards, he just threw his amazing acting skills and humor in the photo for me to find later. He knew I was stressing and he found a way to slip some love and humor into the situation. Thanks for the memories brother, I can only hope to be more like you. Whoever was lucky enough to share even a moment or one of his big lovable hugs, may he always serve as reminder to love a little harder and laugh a little longer. We miss you Jeremy! Thinking of you everywhere and everyday buddy. φφ
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