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Vikings stadium construction cranes rise behind Guthrie Theater and SAFL over the Mississippi.
It's my weekend, starting now. That means dress functional, not pretty.
Esquire is shooting a "best bars in America" piece here in the Butcher and the Boar beer garden in #Minneapolis
The WCCO sign changes with the 24-hour forecast: Red means it's going to get significantly warmer, blue means it's going to get significantly cooler, green means it's going to precipitate, and white means no significant change is expected. #weather #Minneapolis
Downtown Minneapolis and 3rd Avenue Bridge
Gardy and friends got fired, but I got free coffee, so.
My roommate and I invented an antisocial networking platform called Fuckface. You can access it at www dot The Side of Our Fridge dot WTF. (Dry erase marker.)
Wall at Yard Party Studios. Presumably, "Indivated Motavidual" and "Monster Biter" are band names. The place has history. I find it just as interesting as the caves at Lascaux.
At left: Colored pencil copy by my roommate of a dime store still life print on my bedroom wall. Right: The print. Below: Trompe l'oie by said roommate of unfinished light switch; said unfinished light switch; panic button, again by roomie.
Behind the Scenes at Still Life in Debauchery Productions