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Spitta!! Jetlife to the next life! Such a sweet concert πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜πŸ’Žβœˆ @spitta_andretti #jetlife #spitta #foxtheater #goodnight #jetsupoverbitches #andimstill #jets #jetlife #justenjoythisshit @foxtheatreboulder

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β€’| chase your dreams baby 🐱 β€’ ( please stop growing up and be a kitten forever ) β€’ [#ShowerBeer] + [#PrettyKitty] β€’ for those curious, my 30 day break from alcohol went on to be 50 days, and it was completely worth every day β€’ whole new perspective πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ»β€’ set goals, and achieve them β€’ then repeat β€’twbv
β€’| stay hidden, let your success be your shine β€’ stay wandering, open your mind to new paths you'll cross β€’ [#SmallVictories] β€’ it's been a helluva week yo.. β€’ PS, whose getting Friday the 13th tattoos with me today? 😈 ( haha ) β€’ happy Friday the 13th y'all β€’ make it a good one β€’twbv
β€’| let's stay up late β€’ dance in the streets β€’ smoke in the parks β€’ drink beers with a view in front of us β€’ hit up a 24 hour diner at 3:44 am β€’ let's be us, again β€’ [ the nights you don't want to end ] β€’ [#LateNights] 🌚
β€’| show me your true colors β€’ 'tis the season πŸβ€’ [#FallColors]
β€’| I remember taking this almost 2 years ago now it feels like, maybe longer, but I thought it was sucha spooky/creepy shot, I was stoked though β€’ love the mood round this time of the year πŸŽƒβ€’ cozy, colors changing, and it just feels like there is something in the air β€’ [#Moonlight] πŸŒ™
β€’| loving these cool late nights and light showers the city's been getting β€’ always is a great opportunity for some awesome shots πŸŽ―β€’ happy Friday y'all [#RainyNights] β€’twbv
β€’| me wishing my phone was a real camera πŸ“Έ β€’ idk if people know, but all my photos are taken with an iPhone 6s πŸ“² unless I've noted it wasn't β€’ can't wait to purchase a 'real' camera some day and capture some better shots β€’ onna side note/random note ... naw I got nothing for y'all today (lmao) just ready for the weekend β€’ it's been an interesting week β€’ wtf, can't believe it's almost 2018.. πŸ’­β€’ [#DailyThoughts]
β€’| ( 3/3 ) overall it was an amazing show and it was such a random and fun night βœ¨β€’ good vibes and good company β€’ if he's coming to your town, I highly moffuggin recommend you go see him πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ β€’ [#AtWhatCostTour]
β€’| ( 2/3 ) Goldlink was the headliner and yeooooooo I swear probably one of my top five shows I've ever been too β€’ honestly got into Goldlink just this year, and he's easily one my favorites now β€’ [#AtWhatCostTour]
β€’| ( 1/3 ) Masego put on a helluva show last night β€’ perfect mix of jazz and hip hop β€’ such a creative and talented dude πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ β€’ when he busted out a saxophone I was like eyyyyy πŸŽ·β€’ too dope yo β€’ [ #AtWhatCostTour]
β€’| how many [#butterflies] can you find? I count seven πŸ¦‹ β€’ after a beautiful weekend, it was tough to crawl outta bed onna gloomy Monday and start the week β€’ but, gotta start the week with confidence πŸ’ͺ🏼 β€’ it's going to be a good month β€’twbv
β€’| fall weather is creeping up, and the days for sweaters and layers are coming πŸ‚ β€’ love this time of the year β€’ [#GoodnightCity]
β€’| never been into politics, but all the comments that Trump is making regarding the Warriors, and NFL players taking a knee caught my attention β€’ thought this song was appropriate for the day πŸ˜πŸƒβ€’ [#DontPassTrumpTheBlunt]
β€’| [ throwback ] to my most recent cop πŸ’Ό β€’ [whereyouatFriday] β€’ #NewNew
β€’| '6 feet deep and rhyming' β€’ if you don't know, you're slacking β€’ [#HipHop]
β€’| the other night I posted something similar to what I'm bout to write, but I wasn't feeling the picture ( or the caption ) and wanted to post it differently β€’ I'm picky, shut up [ lmao ] β€’ so, anyways, after working hard and making the right moves, ya boy got promoted β€’ feels so good, and I am very, very, thankful for the opportunity β€’ only way to go is up and I'm going to make my loved ones proud πŸ’ͺ🏼 β€’ onna side note, as of the 12th, it's been 30 days, not a sip of liquor β€’ doesn't mean I'm quitting completely, but I felt it was healthy to take a break β€’ among other reasons I stopped, there is a point where I realized I was drinking to get drunk, rather than drinking to feel me? β€’ I always say it, but treat yourself with love and talk kindly to yourself β€’ treat yourself right, and make healthy moves to better yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally β€’ separate yourself from doubt, hate, evil, and surround yourself with love, warmth, and people that care about you and your well being β€’ baaaaaabyyyy, I'm smiling, and imma keep smiling no matter what β€’ [#SelfLove] ~ [#NoLimits] πŸ’™β€’ much love y'all β€’twbv