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felio 282w ago
Facetime It's the Flute boy. Bought him a better flute for him to play better. He comes from a clan of flute. Such a nice boy. We hanged out for days. #pushkar #india #facetime

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felio 7w ago
Don't know. Was driving for a whole somewhere in Jersey. Stop at the red, took phone and took pic. Of church advertisement.
felio 8w ago
Long Island city facing Midtown NYC #longislandcity #clouds this area has very fancy people.
felio 9w ago
1st post of 2017. Tittle "married with children". 👍
felio 49w ago
My apartment doesn't have a view facing north. Construction behind my building starts at 6am ends at 6pm. Bet after that my rent will go up to 4K a month. #bam
felio 55w ago
Sunday's in Central Park
felio 64w ago
Here's more. Place is so expensive to live rent and own. #brooklyn #dumbo
felio 68w ago
Thank you brother. I can touch the planes but it's worth it. #citifield
felio 81w ago
Finally began to edit pics. I miss those days. Picture taken with iPhone 5 edited with snapseed #newyork