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joshvolk 282w ago
  • Was just in the SFO yesterday. Gate 96! It was full of crazy people, right @southernaut?

  • mxb2 282w ago

    Safe travels; we have 2 more days in Istanbul, dad

  • joshvolk 282w ago

    Gate 88 was crazy with people trying to make connections after the morning delays. I said a mental hello to all my friends in the Bay area as I passed through but I didn't realize you were there too @lilyfoxx

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Back from two weeks in Spain and the only food in the house is eggs and potatoes. Tortilla Española for breakfast.
We took a little day trip to Cádiz where we came across this illustrated series explaining flamenco. In Jerez and Sevilla we saw a couple of excellent performers just on the street, and we also went to a great little bar with a performance in Jerez.
These slippers were already paper thin when I packed them for this trip. On our last day here, after something like 60 miles in them over the past week+ I finally wore them through.
Today we managed to complete our set of the top 5 beaches on Spain’s Costa de Luz, plus a few extras. I currently agree with the rankings, but they’ve all been great
One of the best parts of our trip was going for a jog our last morning in Sevilla and coming across a club race called the biscuit run. So much fun to be invited to run with the Amigos del Parque Maria Luisa! This is the warm up lap before running three more around the park.
Plaster work from a wall. I’m going to try hard not to over-post. I took a lot of photos at the Alcazar today. Really impressive place and I wish they had more information front and center on the crafts people and laborers who built it and maintain it, not just the kings who commissioned it.
Cigar for beginners, smoked salmon salmorejo, croquetas chocos; the start to an amazing meal. I think the recommendation came from @dananananananana but I can’t remember, just found a note in my phone that said we should go to Eslava.
This is a fritter. We’ve had a lot of really good food in the last few days and it keeps getting better. This fritter is one of the most interesting things I’ve had so far. I can’t remember the name but it’s made from a kind of small octopus and it’s ink. Crispy shell and super creamy on the inside. Very tasty and it came with a great selection of fresh greens.
Bike out of the suitcase and set up for a few days of light touring.
Fig season still going strong.
Gleaned one of @wild_garden_seed ‘s Home Stoop tomatoes from the trial plots for my sandwich. Super tasty.