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Happy to report that i have completed my undergraduate studies!!

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Best looking studio mate to date❤️🐼
I’m . You watch .
Repost from wonderfully talented @fraulueffe🙏🏻
Baby lou is back home. We are going to be monitoring him closely for the remaining possible neurological damage. As of now he can’t control the right side of his body - right eye - right side of the face , and all over coordination but it may get better considering the inflammation in his inner ear is currently pressing towards the nerve endings coming from his brain . Next week is super crucial in his recovery which I’ll make sure to hold and kiss him through out. His doctors - if things doesn’t heal and drain in their own may go in and remove the inner right ear - and we are still ok with that . He doesn’t have to hear his ball to chase it . Thank you everyone for reaching out and wishing him well . It means a lot to me and Eric ❤️🙏🏻🤞🏻
What a difference a day makes!! This is lou this evening able stand, walk and recognize us - and even dare to play. He made us all felt like we are out of the woods. Today’s tears were happy tears ! We hope to bring him home tomorrow - fingers crossed !! Thank you to everyone who reached out! It means world to me and Eric !!!
Dearest friends near and far; I think a personal update just about now is needed. After a day of swimming and chasing his infamous red ball our darling year old baby Lou has came down with the worst of pain at around 2:30 am. He arrived in the hospital at 3:00 am - where he rapidly got worse. He has been at the hospital since then. Ct scan, spinal fluid tests, antibiotics and stereoids’s later his doctors are thinking of bacterial meningitis to be the culprit. We are in a waiting game of prayers of any kind.
Please keep him in your thoughts and send him all the good juju. He is fighting hard and Eric and I are only breaking down to cry as soon as we leave his sight. Please pray for Lulu!
Thank you !!!!!!!
Hah! I happen to be matching my book seamlessly!! 😂💜
Here is a 45 min light study that I think is garbage and eric seems to love. - decided to paint something quick everyday in the studio - I seem to not like the jumping into painting without warming up. ----------------------------------------------------------
#oilpainting #portrature #portrait #ataturk #mavigozludev #kemalizm #figure #figurepainting #portraits #mugshot
Dearest friends, family, patrons and all; I will be giving an artist talk along with 2 great artists on October 4th at 5pm. - Do come if you can. Pls and thank you .
Today's pass
- there is nothing even remotely close to painting on wood . ----------------------------------------------------- #oilpainting #portraits #portrature #figure #figurepainting #mfa #madison
I draw in every single class session along with my students. I believe they can only understand and learn by me demonstrating what I'm talking about. I try to draw pretty much everyday. I don't have to finish the drawing - I just have to show up everyday ! I have to engage everyday . Rule #2 get a 9 to 5.
-------------------------------------------------------- #wwgrd #drawing #graphitedrawing #sightsize
Heading into the last year MFA with one thing on my mind . Listen less and do more . - Gerhard Richter had trained the people in his life to not to give their opinions for works at all , to remind people that this is HIS aesthetic taste and his own. Even when his wife walks into his studio she is only allowed to state the Facts - oh this painting white . And that's all . - so in this last year of my studies I will try to be more like Richter. - rule # 9 practice extreme arrogance
Link in bio , new site is up and running . Enjoy.
Now In New York- I have two pieces present in this show amongst some incredible artists! Can't make it to the opening but what is your excuse ?🎈(- @clairechiquita29 @oz2y_ would you please make sure my paintings are cozy and loved! Miss you both !!)