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vuevisa 282w ago
Nice evening.

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Nice evening for some ⚾️.
At Chuyee and Sala's wedding.
Happy birthday to my love @amykue!!! You are an incredible woman who many love and cherish. I'm glad you are my forever-for-life-partner hahahaha!!! This is her being Hmong and plowing weeds out of my mom's vegetable garden.
vuevisa 15w ago
When you go to the beach and have so much fun, you lose one of your sandals so you make one out of a couple of ziplock bags 😂😂😂. #StayWoke #Ziploc
vuevisa 16w ago
vuevisa 16w ago
Met Patrick. He was a pretty chill dude.
vuevisa 18w ago
Chilling and worshipping with my boy Isaac haha
vuevisa 19w ago
Life with 2 kids is tough but fun I guess haha