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  Posted: May 16, 2012 8:42 PM FEED
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My kinda sign! Who doesn’t love a delicious bakery, within 7 mins of your house? Yeh, it’s a love/hate/love relationship. Insert #Oprah “I love bread!!!” They also make unbelievably good coffee. ☕️💕See you @palomacoffeeco 🙌🏼😍Try the Nitro iced coffee! ⚡️😮
Do you think he was reading the Nectar News? 😆#dadjokes! I just love these tiny hummingbirds. This little one was in front of a big garden full of flowers! A feast for a king! 😍🌳#love2snap #ilovebirds
We are moving in a year or so to a home closer to my parents (which is so wonderful because my mom suffers with Rheumatoid Arthritis and often has pretty bad flare ups!)...this old tree is in the yard of the home we purchased and it reminds me of one you'd see in a story book! It stretches far into the sky and is as wide. It is truly magical and beautiful! Can't get over these branch like vines!! 😍❤️🌳#ilovetrees #love2snap #oldtrees #vines #besttreeever #natureiscool
Good morning from my very tall #OhhFrankie. He wants his waffles. #leggomyeggo I'm tall and can stand on my back legs for days. I think this is like doing a handstand for humans. #notnormal 🙀😺
My photos may be getting boring, but my heart and soul is still cool as fork. 🤙If you understand the unbelievable nature of Aspen trees and how they talk to each other, then you'll feel this pic as much as I did while I was standing there with these creatures! 🌳❤️🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳I love trees.
My peacefulness resides among these Aspen trees. 🌳💕I would love to have a backyard full of them (wishful thinking in Florida!). If you've ever been around Aspen trees, you know, when the breeze passes through, they sing. Their leaves 🍃 ruffle together (looks like glitter in the sunlight) and make the most relaxing sound. Oh, and let's not leave out the gorgeous eyes 👀 all over their trunks. These beauties are so alive and love to be admired! 🌿💕😍
This gorgeous piece of pumpkin meat is being entered into the #omagpetcontest17 @orlandomag and we hope he wins! He said this isn't his best pose, but it's good enough...#sovain 🐈😽💕#gobigboy #winnerwinnerfishdinner #orlandofl #catsofinstagram #ilovemyboy #tailgating #allsmiles #whatsyourworth #modeling #furkid #modelactor #showmeyourkitties
Birds eye view! 👀🕊What type of bird is this? It was flying through Aspen among the beautiful mountains! Pretty amazing life.
That's Lilly! 😽She lives in #Aspen and is the most friendly orange tabby (yeah I said the most! A close second is my Frankie.) She loves everyone who walks by her corner and greets them with pure joy. She's adorable and I'm so glad I got to meet her! It's rare to see a cat in Aspen! It's mostly amazing dogs. And, it's a female orange Tabby...also rare. #caturday
A little peaceful greeting :) How are you feeling? Did you get through the week okay? 🙏💕
I found this cutie when we were hiking #MaroonBells a couple weeks ago and I got to keep him in my photo gallery. Haha! Ya'all know I love dogs, but I got two orange ginger dumplings that dont like dogs. 😁😻but, look how cute this little thing was!!!
Two of my favorite Floridians enjoying #Florida the way we all know and love! Today, however, we prepare for hurricane #Irma, who took a turn west at this point, and will make possible landfall tomorrow/Monday. We know the aftermath will be where the true unity and love happens. My family and I have been through hurricanes, largely recalling 2004's wrath of devastating storms. Charley was awful! I just remember being wrapped in a big blanket on the floor in the kitchen with a flashlight trying to read a book while winds whipped around sounding like a freight train. We got hit by several more storms, most memorable was Frances, who I lost a friend too 🙁These storms forcefully remind us where we live! It's going to be scary for many of us, but we will prevail! Pray for Florida, pray for all those who've been hit already in the Caribbean, and continue prayers for Harvey victims! I am scared this may be the start to a very active hurricane season!! 😐🙏❤️
Posted: Sep 6, 2017 12:35 PM
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Good morning my ginger dumpling. I am praying for everyone in the path of hurricane Irma!! So worried. We stocked up on water, food, catfood!, toiletries, and gas. I don't think central FL will get this beast, because we are so far inland. We may get hit with tropical storm like winds and rain (yes still scary!), but I feel we will be ok. Hope so!! 🤞🙏❤️#love2snap
Buying art from 🔥💕Its actually still open and running! I forgot about my @society6 account. This was always a favorite digital mish mash I created back in the 2000's! Excited to have it framed and will place it in my Bead Cave! 👌❤️
...and then I yelled "holy sh*********t". This lightning storm is unbelievable tonight. In all my years living in Florida, I've NEVER witnessed consistent lightning like this. Wild!! So scary! 😫 #florida #lightningstorm #intense #floridalife #floridaweather @weatherchannel #orlandofl #windermerefl #crazyweather #scarystorm #lightningbolts
Hi! 🐐💕I'm matching "LIKES" for dollars to donate to the Red Cross for #HurricaneHarvey - Goal: $100 by 12noon, then I'll go on my stories showing me doing the donation! 😎#luckygoat #aspengoats #happygoats #babygoat #aspensaturdaymarket #colorado #ilovegoats #cutest #love2snapaspen #love2snap
If I'm ever not around, check the Aspens...🍃I will most likely be wandering thru them, taking it all in. 💚🍃🐐🏔💕(during the summer). If I'm ever lost during the winter, call 911.
I like stacked rocks and I cannot lie. You other hikers can't deny, when a stacked rock rolls in with a itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face you get sprung. So that's that. 👌😁
❤️😍Take me back! Last night was unbelievable. I am tearing up rewatching all the videos. @thelumineers had one hell of a vocals performance, with beautiful lights and incredible energy, after playing three shows in a row. Thank you! Thank you soooooo much. My heart is so full! I love you guys!!! #thelumineers #love2snap #iloveconcerts #denverco #denver #fiddlersgreen #amazingshow #confetti #cleopatra #feelingsogood