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Smitten over kitten heels 🤗😍 I've rounded up the cutest for Work & Play on the blog + a new outfit for y'all in today's blog post! (Link in bio) Thoughts?!
Mock turtleneck + mom jeans + kitten heels 🙌🏼🤓🍁loving this combo 💗PS:: there's a new BTD WEEKLY Instagram round up on the blog! (Link in bio!)
Ob-sessed with this sassy little blouse 🤗 isn't it the most perfect color for fall?! I wrote all about it + what I've been wearing & loving lately in today's BTD WEEKLY blog post (link in bio!) 💗 So many Fall things, YAY! 🍁🍂 What are you excited to wear this fall? Are you as in love with this top as I am? Yay, nay?! #liketkit #LTKunder50
leggings & cardigan life 🙌🏼 Made it to Aspen and it is BEYOND beautiful here! Wore this look traveling and it was PERFECT. These leggings are a Fall go-to for me ($18) and I love how this tee is a little bit longer (plus, it’s $19 - I’m wearing size XXS for reference). Can’t wait to show y’all the outfits I’ve got planned for the trip! 📸:: DADDY // Outfit Details:
Can't remember the last time I shared a selfie photo 🤦🏼‍♀️😆#sorry BUTTTT I shot this look last week for the blog THIS week and wanted to share EARLY bc I just saw this sweater is selling out fast 😭 and I'm in love with it! 🤗 packing it with me for my trip to Aspen too 💗PS: my shoes are burgundy and my new best friends 😍 they're kitten heels and so flattering! 🤓 hope you had a wonderful Sunday!
Feelin Fall y'all 🎃🤗 had the BEST weekend in Dallas with old friends and new 💗I LOVE #txouweekend 🙌🏼 always so much fun! // PS:: this sweater is $49 and the color is all the 😍
Happy Friday! For all my dallas friends, I posted my fave date night spots for dinner on the blog today! (Link in bio) 💗 BUT REAL QUICK - what's your fave spot for dinner in dallas?! 🤗
Workin off that MCFLURRY from last night 😂 + clearing my mind with a podcast 💗 do you listen to any? SHARE THE LOVE! What're your faves?!
If you're wondering - I listened to a sermon by @timkellernyc on overcoming anxiety and finding peace (I just posted the link on my BTD facebook if you're interested)
Fave neckline right now 👆🏼so cozy, easy throw-on and $39 🙌🏼💃🏻 #YESplease ❤️ Shop it here::
Cozied up in a cute coffee shop today working on upcoming content! So excited for Friday's post 💗 I'm sharing my favorite date night dinner spots in Dallas with y'all 🤗 been a long time coming for sure!
Found this oversized chambray shirt and I love how it looks with black jeans! It's a little oversized (which I LOVE), but I think you could even size up. I'm wearing size 2 for reference! My exact cardigan is old but I linked 2 similar options 😘 shop my look here::
Finally found the time to tackle my bathroom 🙌🏼and organize it last week thanks to @operationorganization! Sharing the RESULTS + 6 TIPS for keeping YOUR bathroom tidy! See link in profile! (Outfit details:
Okay y'all. I know it's a bit out there, but I really do love to experiment with style, trends and textures. I LOVE casual, everyday wear just as much as the next girl but I also love to challenge myself - color OUTSIDE the lines a bit. 😆Express myself in a totally unique and statement worthy way 🤗I've been loving all the pearl embellishments, velvet, and faux fur detailing I've seen on and off the runway lately 💗 and I had so much fun with this look while in Milan last month! I'm talking about my love for PEARLS and how they're having a moment on the fashion scene today on BTD 🤓
What trends have you been noticing lately? Any that you're looking forward to trying? How do you feel about trying new things with your personal sense of style? Yeah? Or nah? 😂 I love it (obviously!), but I know it's not for everyone 🤷🏻‍♀️
#pearlpants #zara #furtrends #pearltrend #fashionblogger #fashiontrend #velvetblazer #igdaily #momentsofchic
I basically live on Italian food. It's a fact. Same meal, same sweater tonight 🙌🏼 just 5,000 miles away in Dallas 😆 I totally forgot to share this photo while I was there - wore this sweater again today and was reminded how much I LOVE it so I wanted to share! Shop it via here:: #liketkit #ltkunder100 #dallasblogger #capresesalad #stripedsweater
Femininity at its finest 💗bows & ruffles make a nice little combo 🤗
How to beat the comparison game on social media 💗 currently on my blog! Link in bio! 😘
Sweatshirt, mom jeans & sock booties ALL in one outfit 🙌🏼😍🤓 QUESTION! What do YOU do for work? And what's your office dress attire like? Comment below and let us know 🤗
One of my FAVE spots in Dallas y'all - SO GOOD 😍 the cheese plate and pasta is TO DIE FOR 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼...being pretty basic in a simple swing dress and cardi 🤷🏻‍♀️ but ya know, sometimes less is more, right!? 💗 #lovethebasics #liketkit #LTKunder50 #LTKunder100
SUNDAY. Everyone spends theirs differently. How are you spending yours? Prepping for the week? If so, HOW? Inspire (and motivate us) by sharing what YOU'RE doing and how you're spending the afternoon.
I'm sitting at a coffee shop with my friend Anna Magee, doing a massive brain dump (she's reading beside me 🤓👯). To be frank, I majorly struggle with anxiety. And have a hard time sorting through all my thoughts, concerns, and worries. Sometimes I can hardly think straight. The only way I know how to battle it is to write everything down, dump it ALL out of my head and onto paper. Then look at it, figure out what's most important, and tackle it one thing at a time without worrying how little or how much I'm able to accomplish. Otherwise I'll just swim in all my thoughts and get nothing done 🤷🏻‍♀️ so that's what I'm doing RIGHT NOW and how I'm spending my afternoon 💗 lots of lists too! anyone else?
Just went to church and feeling that worship high 💗☺️ Love being in town TWO weekends in a row + hearing the messages build on each other 🙌🏼 we're currently going through ACTS and talked about Pentecost this morning. 💗QUESTION ☝🏼 Several of y'all really enjoyed last Sunday's Instagram LIVE where I talked about the message I heard at church - would you want me to do that again this Sunday? Any feedback or special requests if so? Comment below if so!
PS:: I'm wearing my new shoes! The ones I wore in my stories that are good for work and play! They're so comfy!
Dress deets::
What are YOU doing RIGHT NOW?
No really, I dare you to comment 😆😜I'm currently waiting at the airport bc one one of my best friends from home is visiting me this weekend! And I'm SO EXCITED! Can't wait to read what you're doing 💗