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neshann 282w ago
Off to.... The desk. to study. -.-

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when you're too afraid to go deeper into the sea so u just stay there crawling in the sand pretending to swim. 🙂
happiness > materialism.
The best decision I've made so far during Erasmus is choosing to live with these girls. At first, I was a bit indecisive because my old flat was a lot more appealing and my ex-housemates seemed perfect to help me with my studies, but after spending a month not feeling at home and discontent, it was obvious that I had to choose to leave.
Estas chicas nunca me juzgan, siempre me hacen reír, no me hacen sentir incómodo, me hacen sentir como en casa, y sobre todo, me hicieron darme cuenta que la felicidad es lo más importante en la vida. (también me dan comida 😂) #MATA6 #CheCazzoFai #Vaffanculo #FelicesLasTres OS QUIEROOOOO 💗👭
don't need no double Ds to steal yo biiiitch
thinkin bout u 💭

when was the last time my hair was curly on insta?
neshann 16w ago
just finishing the row 🐙
neshann 18w ago
swollen lip or injections 💁🏽