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bekava 5d ago
Great turn out to a live model sketch night at the Calgary Sketch Club! #yycartists
bekava 4w ago
Bouquet of Lilies ©2017 Bethany Vanderputten, Oil on Hardboard, 11"x14", $770 CDN. #yycarts #painting
bekava 4w ago
A couple art shows coming up on October 21... 🎨
bekava 6w ago
...been a few years since I painted with oils.
bekava 6w ago
Found this on the internet: "The Bully Poem" ( #nomorebullies
bekava 8w ago
Once in awhile I get to deal with masonite at work...
bekava 9w ago
A decade ago I moved to San Francisco for school. Sure feels like awhile ago and much has changed. Sometimes you just have to look back at yourself and smile. 😁👀👓