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mimidouce 282w ago
Work, work, & work ! Trying so bad to stay positive ✌
  • majed7878 282w ago

    You are right , eat chocolate to be positive😉

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Soaking up on the last rays of sun ⛅️before the first drops of rain ☔️
When a holiday falls on a week day, I try to act as if I am headed to work, wake up early, and head for a walk/run. Trying to keep up with a healthy and balanced lifestyle was always a priority and a lifetime resolution for me. As I am washing off some lemons, I have been thinking about the Hijri new year and how we never talk or set religious resolutions for this new year; like waking up for Fajr Prayer or keeping up with Sunnah in fasting Mondays and Thursdays or refraining from gossip. Wouldn't it be nice to set such resolutions in the Hijri new year? My resolution for this year will be to read Half a Hizb from the Quran every night before going to bed. It doesn't have to be grand; just keep it simple and realistic. Happy New Year my dear friends and family 🌷
Look ahead and Look Back but don't let worry steal your current joy~ 🕊🌷#goodvibes #goodmorning
When all your plans for the weekend get messed up, you go for a stroll, get some mint tea, and chill 🌾
Sitting in the garden, sipping on my cup of coffee, and thinking about current life events ... Only 2 months ago, I wouldn't have thought about the changes happening in my life. As I am losing some pieces of the puzzle, other ones are emerging to take place ... The picture will keep changing but hopefully our hearts and goodness will remain the same. #hamdulilah #blessings #theonlyconstantischange
Sevilla is such a HOT beautiful place; 43C/110F ☀️
To get tickets to Alhambra is hard, to get to up the hill to Mirador San Nicolas tests your fitness level, to get a table in a coffeeshop to rest from the "hike" and enjoy the view is so challenging BUT it is all worth it as the sun sets and this majestic view stands in front of you ❤️ #alhambra #albaycin #flamenco #miradorsannicolas
I followed my heart and it lead me to the beach 🏖
Morning coffee and chill moment before hitting the road 🚗 and the sea 🚢. Good morning beautiful people 🌤🌈 #blessing #hamdulillah #honeymooning #lovebirds