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This is hanging in my hotel room. He's a man of the cloth.
Massive artistic change of direction from Rap to New Wave.
Available in all the top record shops Friday.
I didn't think you had quite this level of hubris @planetenfys.
This is the masses of red tape that have been worrying those who want an exit from Europe. The cost to pick it all off could run into billions of pounds or millions of euros.
Hopefully a positive addition to the Easter hunt.
In a cocktail bar, not in the cocktail.
Got a Sunday job with the Abercych riot police.
It's got it all. Mega Bass, Dolby, Anti Rolling Mechanism, Auto reverse, AVLS and a metal tape feature.
I was off to an early lead.
Can't beat a nice kids book to get them off to a relaxing sleep
This finger has been coloured so it shows up better on a white background. I am happy with the result.
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "since installing we have no pee on the floor. Simple wonderful"