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#happybacktothefutureday Jump on your hover board and meet me at the clocktower. And if Needles calls you to use your Cusco credit card, don't do it. Even if he calls you Chicken. # flea #pepsiperfect time. #hydrateapizza #backtothefutureandchill
The Chase Utley slide was clean. Pireuotting=broken fibula. It's just science don't do it. #dodgers #mets #ladtakeover #donttrytoturnadoubleplaylikeanIDIOT #nosuspension #chaseutley
This mix goes hard in the paint. Do yourself a favor and bless your ears with this mix from @fourcolorzack and @crazearoni
Caught up with the young tall dark homie Larry tonight #NHLLive
#backtothefuture gotta go get my wardrobe right. Oh and the Cubs are gonna win the world series #betonit
#ripJoeCocker so many years I listened to his voice on The Wonder Years before I discovered his music. An amazing voice. If u want a great rendition of this song hit up @lexplosive
Faded I'm wasted$!#@€¥*&?× Dead Prez and we Purging $$$
Happy Birthday to the homie and former Liverpool and England great Dumb Toothless aka Peter Crouch aka The Sherminator
If you know me then you know I had the greatest time of my life on Sunday watching @djquik1 perform from a few feet away. My boy @lamegame10 was mad hype too. # djquik #doover
According to @instagram school started this week. That means Mario and I are celebrating our 24th #Maniversary this week. It was 24 years ago I swooped him on my banana seat schwinn bike and the rest is history. #sincethe1stgrade #wegonnadoitbigforour25th #biancahadtowalkbyherslef #rhcp #notgaybutkinda
Checkout them hash tags from game 4 against the sharks. I knew the cup was ours even down 3-0 in round 1. #gokingsgo #kings #Laallday #wemadeit