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The look he gives me when she is torturing him.
Hi I'm Adam welcome to prix how can I help you.
Lil Emo Milo vs. his alter ego Richie Daggerteeth
Bittersweet seeing this. This place made a lot of my friends family. Homeless punks, runaways, touring bands, stray cats, ex girlfriends and ghosts. Everyone was welcome. It'll be weird to see it empty.
Ok ok upton's might have my favorite breakfast sandwich.
Well I didn't think that would ever happen.
You were supposed to come to my wedding.
When you're trying to read but her violent video games are loud and distracting.
Rick and morty on a slow Saturday afternoon. Thanks @brianda_crumbs
I finally had to pull this 8 gauge bar out of my neck today after nine years? I can't remember. @mr_wisniewski put it in with grace and I took it out shouting and cursing and scaring the counter girl.
Took my dog home to meet my mom over the weekend.
Woke up to this reminder of colder days.
So ya I've been working at bvla for the last month.
Been pretty busy lately so I took some time and saw an old friend and grabbed a record and a shirt.
Some movies just stick to your ribs. Me and Anais watched In The Mood For Love last night and thinking about it has been taking up all my free time since.
I don't think they can patch it. Thanks July you've been great to me so far.
Had the pleasure of seeing rocky votolato play suicide medicine in its entirety last night in a living room in San Pedro.