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Using all my typography understanding to create lowercase versions Metropolis 1920. 2 letters to go, plus fixing the q
I am often amazed by the amount of my shit I can cram into my dinky little 2seater :)
Wood burning is fun and takes FOREVER when stimpling. #woodburningart #handcramp @kristin_jade15 it's done
Dry faster you scoundrels! All the fans I could find, on full but still, not dry.
You can't get high from nail polish, right?
@cbaby1976 your's has been many challenges, but I am still working on it
Not quite meaty enough, but the thumb nail is DONE. Had to channel the powers of Mr. Campbell's creepy hands and coffee breath, it was dangerous. #thumbs #sculpt #doctorbarber
What the fuck am I looking at exactly? An abstract expression of cubism. #lyra #waxcrayons
Went window shopping for a new apartment last weekend. Ghost hunters says it's haunted, so that's promising. Solitary confinement doesn't need a Keep Out sign right? #alcatrazprison #solitaryconfinement #apartmenthuntingtime also I forget the name of the guy who killed himself here
Thanksgiving activity! Made this for my granddad. Be jealous @kristinpage @taahsmith @thornton_initiative You guys missed out big time! #thanksgivingactivity #ornament #familythings