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Everything is pretty much the fucking worst without Jason around. I hate trying to have fun without you. Please get better soon. 💕
Thinking about Jason tonight and hoping I get talk to him soon. It’s really hard not being able to talk with your best friend. I’ve been telling him all of your well wishes and thoughts. Please keep thinking of him as he makes his recovery.
#latergram #miami
Jason’s gonna get well soon. It’s a rock fact. #overthegardenwall #crochet
Jason’s get well better boards. We still have one more to make.
Please wish my partner in crime a safe and speedy recovery. He really needs some prayers guys.
My mom with @agia85 's newest addition. What a cutie! My mom is pleased to be holding a baby, but low key upset I don't want one. 😬
Got to see a bunch of bugs and skulls today.
#evolutionnyc #insects
View from the top of Sony Square.
Breakfast in bed. Finding out I really like rice milk.
Found this pic of my gram and great aunt. aunt Joan looks like she's a badass.
#vintagephoto #oldschoolcool