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It makes you brave and considerate. Talking about what you need and how you feel is the only way to make sure you get better. Asking and sharing and helping. Don’t hesitate.

#areyoutalkingaboutit #mentalhealth #anxiety #depression
I am dedicated to me. I bring my own sweetener because it’s not anyone’s job but mine to make sure I have what I need. Making this change hasn’t always been easy but it is good. The extra five minutes it takes to make my own snacks for school is absolutely worth it. Volunteering to bring snacks to a baby shower so I know there will be something for me is not a hassle. I am investing in me and my future.
#ketolife #thismomgoestocollege #gettingittogether #selfcare
These are me. These morning glories started as seed in February. The spring was good to them and the summer was not. Nevertheless they persisted. A few days ago the vines had only leaves and I watered them deep and long. It’s October now and the vines exploded with flowers. The past 8 months have been extremely difficult in all aspects of life. Nevertheless I persisted. I have been fed deep and long. I am ready to bloom. .
#introspection #beautyinthemundane #Godinthedetails #gettingittogether #neverthelessshepersisted
Perfect snapshot of life right now: Homework✔️ Keto Snacks✔️ Purse with no money✔️ #thismomgoestocollege #ketolife #livinglikenooneelse
I need to tell you about the bathroom. It is the one room that is easy to clean and usually the last on the list. Today my husband took a few minutes to sweep and tidy it. This small thing will make a huge impact on my day. Today we promised each other, no more excuses. I am so proud of us. We aren't giving in to the hard work but instead working hard to get through it.
Current bed situation: black cherry mio flavored Pellegrino, dark chocolate peanut butter with a fork, leggings, blankets.
#hangry #tired #noeffsgiven #ketolife #selfcare
Real face. Real talk. I have been burning my candle from both ends and the middle. So much so that I lost my paycheck. $520 gone. Mortgage is late and groceries are pretty slim. I can never find a happy medium. It's either do all the things or do nothing. Mental health shit is stupid.
#mentalhealth #depression #anxiety #adultADD #areyoutalkingaboutit
Thanks @impressmanicure and @influenster for the fun mommy daughter time! I had enough little nails left from my mani to do my daughter too!
#impressmoments #contest #complimentary
These are NOT keto, but they are amazingly delicious!! I only had a couple and shared the rest with my little sour candy princess!! #PunchUp #complimentary @Influenster @SourPunchCandy
What do you do when everything triggers anxiety and panic? How do you move through life sitting on edge, waiting for the other shoe to drop? Where do I go to make people understand something isn't right? When will I be fixed?
#depression #anxiety #areyoutalkingaboutit
Keto friendly and sooooooo yum! Pieology is the bomb. $9 for as many toppings will fit in the bowl! {romaine, ricotta, mozzarella, olive, artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, sausage, bacon, pepperoni, loooooots of Cesar}
#ketolife #nomnom #meatandcheese
Words cannot describe the whole body lift I felt when I saw MY name spelled this way in this handwriting! I cant't wait to see my surprise!
First grade is serious business. You have to ride your bike. There is a lock and key required. Moms, prepare yourselves with tissues.
#watchadoinjack #jwagoestoschool
Even Momma got new shoes for school! I walked Jackson to school this morning and kept a good pace. I wasn't out of breath or overheated at all. That's a hug win for me. I am about a month into my #ketolife and I know it's working. The best part: it's not hard. I don't feel like I am "on a diet" I eat what I like and just modify it to meet my needs. It's awesome.
Late lunch with super cool big kid. He's only in first grade but he k ow what he likes and lives his truth!
#watchadoinjack #ketolife #jwagoestoschool