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#FitnessInspiration she photoshoped as hell but #YES I will get there and you can just cal me "Stunt McGhee"
  • fazyt 283w ago

    Ay yo! fuq dat! Lol My waist isn't even that small in proportion to my body and I'm 23” on a starved day (not on purpose of course)

  • I've seen a girl with a tiny waist like that bit besides the Photoshop it's just that she has wider hips. And it accentuates her smaller waist. Not to mention her pose.. She is enlongating her body raisin her chest/rub cage up. PLUS the hard light on the right is makin her look even thinner. #CameraTricks

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10.13.17 // HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13TH!!! Bwah ha ha ha. As it is my favorite number and it's Friday. I claim this day.
#happyfriday #happyfridaythe13th #cheerstotheweekend #illdrinktothat #yeayea #fridaythe13th
10.11.17 // Might as well slowly turn my cubicle into my own personal art gallery. Well except the Be Free one, I didn't do that.
#blackart #blackartist #cubicle #work
10.10.17 // Dear child, find at least one beautiful thing in the world.
Claim it as your own.
Know that at anytime when things seems at its darkest, you can take it out once again and know that there is beauty still in the world.
Beauty that is bigger than you or I.
Beauty that will outlast our problems.
Beauty that exist long after we return to dust and float in the wind. .
Take in that beauty and release your problems to that same wind and close your eyes and dream because the fact that such beauty exist means that anything is possible.

So continue to dream little dreamer. [A message to my inner child]

#dreamingseoul #dreaming #dreamers #innerchild #beauty #sunset #paintingtoCome #sunrise #message
10.06.17 // Love Your Life. Putting my own stamp on my space. I can't wait to actually decorate more. I hung some paintings up and plaques I have. Coworkers are like it's so peaceful in here. Lol. I'm not done yet. Bout to get turquoise and namaste'd out. 😬
10.02.17 // First day on new job. It feels so weird to have a desk and a cubicle. I'm such a dork for being like my deskkkkkkkk. I just wanna decorate lol.

#firstday #newjob #happyOctober #
09.21.17 // And the wide eyed dreamer looks out with hope wondering... when the f**k is the bus going to show up.
#falseinspiration #earlymorningcommute #tired #goodmorning
09.14.17 // I'm a sucker for a Guitar. I wish I could play one. It was cool to get out and hear some live music tonight.
#dreamingseoul #seneca #purpleRain #electricguitar #guitarsolo
09.10.17 // Good to be able to be home and cook for my fam in the morning. Salmon Croquettes, cheese creamy grits and scrambled eggs.

#goodmorningpost #southernbreakfast #yesIputKetchupOnMyEggs #salmoncroquettes
09.09.17 // Happy Saturday. This post has no reason. So insert some thought provoking quote or something her.

#happysaturday #pointlessselfie #asabovesobelow #asbelowsoabove #selfiesaturday #blackgirlselfies
09.01.17 // Drawing in progress. "Warm winds" Going to turn it into a painting. I need to work on hands but I'm proud of my little birdie. 😬

#drawing #blackart #blackartist #sketch #sketchbook #blackgirlsrock #warmwinds
08.281.17 // Happy Birthday to my Little Sister, Tonyé. May this day opens the door for happiness to bless your new year of life and slam the door in the faces of those who would take from you without giving back. I Love you.
#happybirthday #hbd #littlesister #virgoseason #virgobaby
08.27.17 // Happy Birthday to one of the most amazing people to walk this planet, my mom. A woman of service, teaching and taking care of others. I know life tries to give you the short end of the stick but I will take that stick and beat people with it for you. I love you. I hope your day opens the door for more happiness to flow into your life.
#happybirthday #virgoseason #mommy #liveitup