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I just love looking through these.. #snoopyisme #amazingshow #unforgetful

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Vintage Britney 💕 I still remember watching this for the very first time 👸
Even though my schedule has been crazy, I will ALWAYS & FOREVER have time for my Britney 💜 Planning my next trip to Vegas as we speak.. 🔥 #pieceofme #lasvegas
COME GET YOUR TOTES TODAY 💕 Only $25 with a $30 purchase. They are both included with amazing product inside for all of your summer essentials. 💛 #BBW
So so happy fans across the pond have gotten the chance to see the queen in person 💕👸 #britneyliveinconcert #pieceofme
I really needed this today. You. Kill. Me. @britneyspears 😍 Thank you for the love, ma 💛 #PRIDE
TODAY we're going to be giving you all a first look on our newest bath fizzies, in action. We'd love for you to come see 💕 Perfect gifts for Mother's Day 🛁 #VisaliaBBW
I don't care what anyone says. This performance at the 2000 Video Music Awards SMASHES any performance done at that award show ever. I still remember watching this as a 6 year old boy wanting this nude body suit. IT'S STILL A DREAM OF MINE TO OWN ONE SOMEDAY ✨ #britneyspears