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I have this unnecessary anxiety that someone is going to check my browser history after I play a night of #cardsagainsthumanity
Living her best life at Nightmare on DeSelms Street! (Free 11-3) #londonjune
😂😂😂🍩🍩🍩 come and get a donut with us! 11-3
Family fun with @live.nashville & @lucashutsonrealtor today! Free food and fall fun- come join us!
Picking her up from school is a breath of fresh air today. She looks so grown. #whatishappening 😭 #londonjune
When you actually get a vacation from your vacation...jumped off a plane and headed to be with our village for the remainder of the weekend for a spectacular retreat. Some of the best content, food and people you could ask for. Fancy dinners, wine & cheese, cards against humanity, movement and yoga, emotional acre/inner work & good talks into the early morning. @imaginariumcommunity is my community and I love this intentional space in my life.
Such a joy to watch her intense concentration- she’s been at this for a good 40 mins & is so careful and intentional. Our trip has been full of high energy, transitions and “doing”. This has been a good centering activity for her and I. Thank-you, #montessori! #londonjune #volcanobay
Watchin the fam splash by..London was super bummed not to be able to the big kid rides but we had fun cheering on the fam when we could!
She is convinced that her spell stopped the rain. 😂😂😂 #londonjune
My favorite part of today was when the lovely assistant at the wand shop suggested that she might love a Luna Lovegood wand since it has a flower on it and it was one of the light ones...she wouldn’t even take it from him and hold it. Instead, she declared she wanted the creepiest one with a skull and snake on it- their heaviest wand they have. Think it suits ya, little dragon. #breathefire #strongbrave #littlefeminist
Plot twist. Instead of going to see Harry Potter's scar, she decided to get one of her own! On our way to get on the trolley to HP world, she was so excited and skipping through the her Harry Potter glasses...right into a column at full speed. So, here we are on a whole other kind of adventure. She's happy, smiling, upset that she is here and not in the wizardly world but we are awaiting to find out if girlfran needs some stitches. #phew #strongbrave
We made it, y'all. London June living her best life. Harry Potter, here we come. #londonjune
Perpetually eye rolling over here. London missed her first flight! For a brief period, London and I were separated from Lucas and i ran through ATL airport with a 4 year old, got on the airport train and watched them shut the door to our gate while Lucas was just barely checking in on the complete opposite side of the airport. The clerk gave me a split second decision of boarding without lucas and I don't think I even replied before she called it. Have I mentioned that we've been up since 1:30? Silver lining: instead of having a super weird connection to New Orleans to Orlando, they put us on a direct flight and we are getting there the same time as our other flight. I'm going to call that a win. Have I mentioned that airports and flying give me anxiety? London has been a goddess angel child though. All is well. Where can I find a mimosa? #breathe #mimosas #allofthemimosas