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First fall bub firepit. Everyone ate chocolate & nobody got burned.
10-02-97 was my first week in Chicago my first class at Columbia College, my first class with Tamara Bell who's journal I found and photographed. The notes from that night are echo'd by thousands of us. For my 20th anniversary I taught a photojournalism class, kids that had just taken PJ1 with John last semester. We didn't talk about what we saw today on the news, we talked about the stories they're working on, stories of the everyday people, the people who are the heartbeat of humanity. They're exploring the world and excited to show us what they feel and see. If you get down on journalism come see the work being done at Columbia. That's the lifetime assignment we're given. KIF my friends.
This is why you don't use your princess cell phone while riding a stationary bike. Editors note I dug a hole so she could bike in place.
So a dove showed up at the park and it's currently seeking refuge on me. Kids are loving it.
Next week Parker graduates from Daddy Day Care to kindergarten. This summer was slammed with adventures. We'll always adventure.
I don't know where they get their weirdness from.
Today is the first time all the kids could swim in the deep pool without anyone clinging to me. Livin.
I think my mom said it best "Sol, it's nice having a world famous photographer in the house for once" Yes it is. 📸@Monikaawnuk
Cousin Sol & bubs get shark attacked. It was nice knowing them.
If there's something to jump off near something to jump on.
I don't normally post photos of my kids smiling or taken by other photographers but....