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  Posted: May 15, 2012 11:35 PM FEED
9 Valencia
My snoopy with mustache stencil :D ❤ (free time art)

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Like the great Jerry Seinfeld once said... “you can’t kill something that’s already dead...” Or something along those lines... 😂 #nonrelevantcaption
So, here’s a funny story that goes along with this picture! Are you ready? Ok.
When my boyfriend and I went to hike around the lava fields in Volcanoes National Park, we were determined to get as close as possible to a “river” of lava that was flowing from a hill. We saw that other tourists were doing the same thing and got VERY close so, heck! Why not do the same? Well... as we were getting closer, and closer, to that “river” I suddenly felt a gust of heat plow over my entire body and stopped me in my tracks! That’s when I told Roy to “babe hold up! Something feels wrong..” and as I finished saying that my feet started feeling really hot!! And so I look down, and pick up my foot to find that the soul of my shoes were melting! Literally. Melting. 😅💀 that’s when I stop my boyfriend and then I turn around and see THIS... (the picture above). We looked into the depths of hell! Underneath our feet was our imminent death. The burning lake of fire 💀 we both turned around so fast lol!! It was crazy, but freakin’ awesome!
The floor was lava at one point 💀🔥
Remember that saying and game... “The floor is lava!” Well, the floor here is literally or was literally lava at some point 😅😆
Let’s get Spooky with some Island vibes!
The dark side had cookies so I said yes, but little did I know that it also had Black Sand 🖤 the force was very strong at this beach. I can’t get over how awesome this black sand beach is! If you ever get he chance to go, do it!
A sleepy Honu catching a few rays of sun and a few Zzz’s before heading back out to the ocean 🌊 🐢
I had the opportunity to adventure to two different islands with my love, in search of all the different colored sand beaches we had recently heard of. (Literally a few days prior) my favorite was honestly the black sand beach at Big Island. It’s like I dug into my chest and pulled out the inner dark goo around my heart 😆😈
Posted: Sep 15, 2017 7:11 AM
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Green. Freaking. Sand... that kind of looks like 💩
Did y'all know that there is a beach in Hawaii with GREEN sand?! Yes I said green!! Well I sure didn't. So when I heard about this rare sight I immediately knew that Roy and I had to go experience this for myself 🏝❤️
I have a very strange emotional and spiritual connection to this song, and I do not understand why. I still remember when one of my IG friends introduced me to the band Lord Huron.. I immediately fell in love with their style of music and talent at first listen! They are definitely a go to when it come to needing music for any kind of adventure. On a very real note though, this song hits the heart every time. 🎶❤️
Last weekend, I was on an airplane more times than I've ever been, 2 years combined. 🙃 #MustBeNice
Friends, I don't know about y'all but I am in NEED of a scenic, ass kicking hike. Is anyone down to get together and and hike up Cucamonga Peak anytime soon? Or maybe day trip to Yosemite ? 😱 hahaha
Weakness makes us human. But I HATE that I care WAY too much, and that I wear my heart on my sleeve. 😔 BUT IN OTHER NEWS... the Narrows in Zion is the best thing I've walked through. Add it to your list of Must Do's!
Whatever your passion is, don't ever give it up! It's a part of who you are, therefore giving it up means giving up a piece of yourself.
Let your sense of wander take you to places you've only ever dreamed of being at! Get out and live your life 🤙🏽
Posted: Jul 25, 2017 8:52 AM
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In a matter of months I will turn 25... that's barely any life lived at all compared to the average 80yrs we get to roam on this earth for. I have yet to live. I have yet to experience, learn, grow, and do so much. These past few years have been filled with so much adventure and learning experiences. I want to be able to look back 10 years from now and say "I've been living my best life..." no regrets. Just a life fully lived and nothing less.