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  Posted: May 15, 2012 8:42 PM FEED
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akswpe 11h ago
this is not a dream!! this is my life. i’m so lucky and happy. if u want your life to be a certain way, make it happen 📷: @madalynnekoeppe
akswpe 3d ago
LUCERNE!!! i’m back in u and u haven’t changed. i love u
akswpe 1w ago
London, you’re either bougie or tourist infested but your tea and coffee outshines Germany’s by........ a lot
akswpe 2w ago
don’t ever allow yourself to be generalized. i’m living proof that you can be WHOEVER you want to be. my life got a lot more exciting when I decided I wasn’t gonna settle for just being everyone’s fat friend. life is too short and I am so much more. confidence can do anything. believe me. fall in love w yourself. do it every day. look in the mirror and be impressed. be vain. love yourself when you make mistakes and love yourself when you’re killing it.
stable self love will carry you through anything. be whoever you want to be
#tb 📸 by @sampagne_mami, whose love also carries me through everything
akswpe 4w ago
browsing castles in Berlin, this one might work. need 2 discuss w my realtor
akswpe 4w ago
no offense but Berlin is the greatest place I’ve ever been
akswpe 1M ago
germans drink hot drinks with straws n it makes me uncomfortable
📸: @walshieski
akswpe 1M ago
my german has improved tenfold since i've been here but my brain still stops working whenever someone asks me if I want the receipt for my coffee. here's a pic of me 2 commemorate my suffering
akswpe 1M ago
about a week in: wearing sweaters to da club, eating lots of bread, having a great time
akswpe 1M ago
today I fly to Germany, where I will spend the rest of 2017. I want to keep you all updated and share with you all the cool things I'll get to do so I made a blog, it's called Miscalainaous. If you want to stay updated, check out the link in my bio, give me ur email n I'll let u know when I post. I love n will miss all of you. 👩🏼
📷: @davidmfrazier
akswpe 2M ago
last night I got to witness a living legend
THE greatest rapper alive, KING KENDRICK LAMAR @ The Schottenstein Center, 08.22.2017
akswpe 2M ago
I SERIOUSLY love plants, cont. 📸: my wife @sampagne_mami