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Hollyweird! Came across an artist I've been following for a while randomly. @ghettovader
Just to get to "normal." Just to get to "normal."
Whatchudoin in a couple weeks? Bullshit! Come thru to the #underground and support some local live music @undergroundskatesupply Five bands for five dollars!!!
My body. I own it. Scars and all...
I guess I can't do it myself...bitch ass
These flowers/weeds are so trippy looking, and medicinal I guess too! They even helped me get an A in my photo class lol. Gypsum or Juniper weed, not sure, but they grow all over SoCal. Especially along freeway on/off-ramps.
Fuck Nike Skateboarding. My new favorite anything! Consolidated
Who's going to the Venom, Inc. show???