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Been in bed watchin soccer allllll dayyyy #wowthough #mymotherfuck #ginger #ghost #pissoff #jwowstits #asshole

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3 song ep coming soon.

#db #eldest #lonelyhaze #acoustic #solo #music
Busted out the boots today cus fall is here baby!
Got mom's recipe for no bake cookies 😋
A day in the life of a supply driver.
Did anyone else think the little mesh flaps inside hats were eye screens, or was it just me? Definitely just me. So dumb.
Hard to get a good photo cus of how it wraps on the shoulder, but huge thanks to @charliemurphytattoo for nailing this piece. Couldn't be happier. Happy early birthday to me 😎
Everyone, meet our newest addition. We adopted this little 5 year old beauty yesterday. Her name is Lady aka Lady Luck aka LL Cool K. We believe she is a Maine Coon mix, and she's definitely got the attitude to match. #CatsOfInstagram @mafiabadgal
Yesterday marked 1 year with this amazing woman. She's changed my life in more ways than I can say and she's loved me unconditionally from day 1. Incredibly thankful for everything you do and for gracing my life with your bright soul and loving heart. Cheers to 1 year down and many more to come. Happy anniversary, my darling.