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Post-workout snack <3

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So, we decided not to move. How can I say no to another year of this back yard?
Next week is my last week working downtown. I'm excited to go back to Cabell, but I'll miss it down here too. Trying to take advantage by going on a lunch break walk every day.
Little Bee, lazy princess 👑💤 I got out of bed at 7, made breakfast, went for a run and to the gym, and 3 hours later she's still exactly where I left her. No surprise 😸
In LOVE with this Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone illustrated edition we got at work. Although Mary GrandPré will always be my favorite HP illustrator, these Jim Kay images are so good and really capture the mood so much better than the film ever did.
Special thanks to @wishbonepbsoffical for being sweet and taking care of me after my surgery, including buying me gifts of nail polish, lipstick, tons of Gatorade and slurpees and soft snacks. Especially for letting me whine while my face hurts 😘 don't know where I'd be without you babe 💕
Getting my wisdom teeth out on Thursday. This will be @wishbonepbsoffical and me
Second semester of grad school is officially finished ✅ this summer I took my favorite class and my LEAST favorite class so far. Taking careful mental notes to try to figure out what this means for the best direction of my career. It's so daunting at times, but I try to remember that school only takes you so far; if you're meant to do something, you'll get there regardless of whether or not you took all the "right" classes. 📚
Little Bee steals @wishbonepbsoffical's spot in bed every time I'm home alone with her cause she knows she's not supposed to be in the bed, but I'm the only one who won't kick her out. But she's soooooo cute how could I?!!??!? 😻👼🏼😴😈😇
I found a chip that looks like Pacman. Little Bee is Blinky the ghost 👻👾
As a golf course drink cart girl, I can confirm this is true. Although for some reason 75% of golfers call yellow Gatorade "green." Also "blue" is a slippery slope.
When your professor is constantly docking people points for not writing "concisely," but this suggestion pops up when you open HIS writing in Word 🤗💅🏻💁🏼 #gradschoolproblems