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"MLB games without @finite_lite means no helmet nachos or batting practice. 3rd inning here we come!!"-B.Bay
Holy shit it still turns on :
The Magnavox VHS Movie Maker aka the one that started it all. My parents paid $850 US notes of 1988 money for this bad boy which inspired & paved an amazing path for my life to take. I will always be eternally grateful for that path and this machine..dang.
Confessions of a pedal addict: Shout out to the fine folks at @maindragmusic for their amazing pedal selection, incredibly kind and helpful demeanor and to @earthquakerdev & @walrusaudioeffects for creating these rad boxes.(Mexi-Tele, EarthQuaker Devices Dunes TS, Walrus ARP-89 Delay, Old Blood Noise Darkstar Reverb, on a RC20 Loop) #supportyourlocalmusicstore
@mehmikecej made me take a pic with a mural of embarrassing.
Thursday space jam. (Mexi Tele-Boss Analog Delay -OBN Darkstar-Rc90 Loop-Orange LDX) #ambienttones