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cdr984 6d ago
Como, you've been beautiful.
cdr984 1w ago
By far, the best yoga studio view I've seen yet. #thailand #como
cdr984 5w ago
We clean up well 👍🏼 😍 #weekend
cdr984 6w ago
Of course, we had to take photos next to the fairy lights.
cdr984 7w ago
Glad to meet up with my high school friend Joi! It has been more than ten years. Super stoked to see her! ❤️️✨
cdr984 8w ago
Adobo and rice = winning in life 😍
cdr984 12w ago
Plant game is strong around here. #plants
cdr984 12w ago
Post yoga lunch at Rob Quay 🍽🧀🍞🍳
cdr984 14w ago
Beautiful flowers from last night 😘❤️️
cdr984 15w ago
610 litres boot space 😍 The all-new Audi Q5
cdr984 15w ago
Family dinners that I will miss the most :) Note Catie's breadstick pose. 😂
cdr984 15w ago
What a wonderful short trip back. Reunited with some old friends in Manila :)
cdr984 19w ago
Hello, mango sticky rice. We meet again. 😊 #mango
cdr984 19w ago
It's okay, little bird. I'm amazed at the sky too. 😍