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natjokesh 283w ago
In preparation for our Berlin #scmeetup on Thursday!

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Flashback to this babe on this mountain top at sunrise - having hiked through the night. Her first hike (!!!) and not a walk in the park. She’s got grit. Constantly impressed by what she can do. My good friend who I miss dearly, @mari_iuliano- on the top of Clouds Rest around 6am. #wildwoman
Back when I was an explorer in Yosemite 💃🏼
Autumn in Washington and the Clouds rise off the trees like smoke. Clinging to the valley. And, us. Cozy inside, listening to the rain, drop. #lifeontheroad
I met a wild thing in the woods. Wild hair, wild words. Openness and absurdity - what I admire in humans. He asked me what I believed in and I said something cliche - not believing in the power of my own words. Half awake. What I wanted to say is that I believe in people. Connection and the power of friendship. How depending on one another is not weakness, but strength instead. And, that being 100% self sufficient, independent is not a warm place to lay your head every night. At least, not for me. What I wanted to say is that I believe in the bravery of starting up a conversation with a stranger. And, also the devastating beauty of being alone at the base of a mountain in the morning. And, how you can believe many things, ideas that seem to contradict. And, those ideas can change, shift, move with each other - side by side. (At the base of Broken Top in Bend, Oregon) #lifeontheroad
A dog can never tell you what she knows from the smells of the world, but you know, from watching her, that you almost know nothing. - Mary Oliver
“I do not live happily or comfortably with the cleverness of our times. The talk is all about computers, the news is all about bombs and blood. This morning, in the fresh field,
I came upon a hidden nest. It held four warm, speckled eggs.
I touched them. Then, went away softly,
Having felt something more wonderful than all the electricity of New York City.” - Mary Oliver / Mt. Shasta, California
In Japan there’s this tradition called “forest bathing” where one goes into the woods and the mountains to meditate while walking amongst the trees - breathing in. I’ve taken solace in many forest baths lately. All I know with 100% certainty is how to go into the wilderness and sit in it alone. Surrounded by a million trees I never feel lonely. Amongst the crushed pine needles, mossy covered fallen trees and branches - I feel awake, truly. Oxygen filled and full. The higher I climb, the more my heart pumps, fills, overflowing. Lungs to the brim with fresh, cold mountain air. And, I breathe more easily. Because what else can you do when you are climbing a mountain, but to breathe?
Saying goodbye and leaving has always been simultaneously easy and incredibly difficult for me. Leaving a place - leaving people. Going off on my own has been my default my whole life. Once"the ache of the last comfort of saying goodbye" slowly fades - I let go. Still a bit achey for connection, but ready to make a move- to find the next mountain, trail, city - who I am in those places - to discover. Lately, I've not pushed away that ache. I've explored it. I've sat in it. The emptiness and I have said hello and shared the same space. I've spoken with it. I know deep inside my heart that connection and friendship are the most important things in my life alongside discovery and self exploration. Figuring out how they can coincide is a dance. Figuring out how my need for connection can sit alongside and hold hands with my need for solitude - it's worth exploring, too. #lifeontheroad
Alone at the summit. Legs burning from the climb. Waiting for the sunset and the light is burning my eyes. 8000 feet above the ground. Waiting for the sun to set above the blue blue blue. Looks like an ocean and it is - wind howling, singing the breeze. Deep breaths and feeling alone on this lonely mountain. A feeling that leaves me a bit empty - reaching. And, the beauty around me doesn't care - it goes on anyways. And, I am lucky and I am living my life the way I want to and it's easy to forget that - even on the top of a mountain, in October, alone with the splendor and the wind howling - overlooking the blue blue blue.
Last photo from Yosemite - a place that was hard to leave and I'm constantly drawn back to year after year 💕
Most moments in my life right now are "holy shit nature is awesome" moments 💕