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my friend is quite the artist so she drew me some brittana ;___; it's beautiful 😍
NayaaaaaaaaaaAaAaaAaAAAAAAaaah. And big Sean..
Sorry for the blurry picture but I mean... ASHSKEK. I kind of wanted to lick my screen at this scene... And omg my brittana heart. I can't even remember any of the other stuff that happened because I mean. BROTTGANANA
This episode... I'm loosing faith in glee. To be honest I barely even remember what it was about, I just remember that I didn't like it. There was ONE good thing and that was Julyberry so I'm just on a focus on that becAUSE OMFG WHEN RACHEL WAS LIKE "but yours are so much better" ABOUT HER ABS I ALMOST DIED. AND THAT IN ALL THEIR LITTLE DANCE NUMBERS THEY ALWAYS DANCE TOGETHER AND IT'S SO SEXUAL. AND WHEN THEY TALK THEY'RE SO CLOSE AND JUSTS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH. [#JULYBERRY #GLEE #LEAMICHELE #KATEHUDSON ]
I haven't watched the episode yet so please no spoilers! But I want to know, was it good? Please tell me what you thought about it! [#nayaRivera #Glee ]
Achele 💕 they're like my TPP or what ever you call it.. Like my second OTP. I obviously don't ship them like brittana, but Achele/Faberry is just awesome.. [#achele #faberry #glee #leaMichele #diannaAgron ]
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THIS LITTLE LAAAAMMBBBB!! Omg I don't have time to rant but I love her so much and I wish her the bestest birthday ever filled with joy and Lea!! [#diannaAgron #glee #BÖRTDAYGURL ]
I just made this Edit thingy to tell you guys to snap chat me!! My name is PaneradElsa. Write your name below or just snap hat me! [#LeaMichele #glee ]
I'm sick and that sucks. But I'm having a glee marathon and re watching all of season four... In other words om torturing myself. [#nayaRivera #Glee]
Omg she's so hooooooot 💛💚💙❤💜💗💔💓💕💖💞💘💌💋💍 and oh yeah hi I'm Elsas Twin (very beloved best friend) and peace and love and follow me @hogwartsishere :3! [ #nayarivera #glee ]
I like naya. *waits for Naya to run over me* [#nayaRivera #glee ] I ALMOST LICKED MY SCREEN. OMG HER HOTNESS IS JUST *_____* AND WHEN SHE WALKED IN TO THAT DANCE CLASS. LEEEEEG POOOOOORN. HOLY shit. I cant even remember what the rest of the episode was about. AND WHY IS EVERYBODY SHIPPING KITTY AND RYDER ALL OF THE SUDDEN. I love kitty but Ryder is just annoying and just ughhhh. I DON'T GIVE A SHIT. I don't understand why he gets so "good" story lines... GIVE THEM ALL TO NAYA. Ughh. I just wish jake, Ryder and marley would dissappear. •

What were you guys' thoughts on this episode? ]#chriscolfer #nayarivera #leamichele #glee ]
I'm really excited for tonight's episode! I mean... Dance? (In case you didn't know Santana's dream is to be a dancer or something) has she ever been that interested in dance? Well.. She's interested in Brittany and Brittany dances sssaooooooo I guesssss? To be honest I'm just excited to see Santana get a story-line since she and brittana are the only things I actually care about.. And Quinn... And faberry... I miss the earlier seasons ;-; [#nayarivera #glee ]