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  Posted: May 15, 2012 5:42 AM FEED
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Is the system stacked against you or is it just life imitating art. Rise & Give, Woldiya, Ethiopia.

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User Image timmyoneill Posted: Nov 16, 2017 7:59 PM (UTC)
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El Capitan has taught me important lessons. And the Stone School is always in session. 📕📗📘⛰🏔🗻
Today my skills and mind set will be challenged under a new banner. 🏁
Even though the Baja 1000 isn’t a vertical trial using ropes and harnesses, it will still require me to be patient in the haste while staying calm in the chaos in order to finesse to finish.
@machobeachnoseriders @alwaysaiming @timkmcmanus
The western edge of the North American continent and a magenta wave goodbye to the day. •••
I’m in #Mexico prepping for the start of the Baja 1000, tomorrow about noon. I️ will be driving and co-piloting during the first 190 miles of the 50th anniversary of this epic endurance car race.
The founders of the #machobeach Nose Riders Mike Ray @alwaysaiming & Tim McManus @hed_hi_media called over over a year ago and asked if I️ was interested in joining their crew. I️ work hard to garner invitations and once involved I️ work even harder to get invited back. #baja1000
Tomorrow we begin a southern #48 hour odyssey down the Baja peninsula.
User Image timmyoneill Posted: Nov 13, 2017 8:49 PM (UTC)
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A vast expanse of corrugated sandstone and sinuous canyons spreads out like a geologic Pollock below the Needles overlook.
These epic wilderness landscapes wet my visual appetite and produce a craving for the buffet of adventures that exist via foot, bike and boat within such tortured topography.
Here’s to having a seat at the table and often picking up the tab at the world’s varied five star adventure restaurants.
Anyone hungry for meal of sun, stone and surf? 🌞⛰🌊
📷 @splitterchoss on the edge of @canyonlandsnps
@patagonia_climb @ospreypacks @clifbar @petzl_official
User Image timmyoneill Posted: Nov 11, 2017 11:53 PM (UTC)
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A change in perspective often involves looking at the world from a new angle.
••• And just like ascending a crack which is the art of climbing what isn’t there, knowledge requires the paradox of peering into the unknown to find what you didn’t even know you were seeking. #urbanadventures #buildering #parkour #climbing #carbondale #hkforever 📷 @ericbissell
User Image timmyoneill Posted: Nov 9, 2017 11:42 PM (UTC)
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A little flash back to the Tre Cime #trecimedilavaredo from last week’s Dolomite strolls. The sweeping and sheer north faces, pictured here, were dusted with snow and seemed the horrors of frozen fingers and screaming barfies.
It will have to be #twentyeighteen until I️ return to connect the deteriorating dots of these multi pitch journeys.
I️ thought of #alexhuber and his sans rope, solo mission on the center tower as @amandasalzman and I️ circumnavigated the formations from the pedestrian view of cobbled trail. #perspective
#pompanin #lagazuoi #italy #dolomiti
@patagonia_climb @ospreypacks @clifbar @petzl_official
User Image timmyoneill Posted: Nov 8, 2017 9:46 PM (UTC)
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Here’s to having fun forever and even more to having the motivation and curiosity to live your definition ⚖️ of fun. •••
Life on the edge requires less room and time and not simply to lengthen the span before death but more importantly to shorten the distance to truly living.
Get some. It’s not going anywhere, only you are.
@austin_siadak On the vertical dance party of the #royalarches Yosemite forever. Thanks to all my climbing partners and friends/family for such a memorable #twentyseventeen In the #Valley.
@patagonia_climb @ospreypacks @petzl_official @clifbar @lasportivana @zealoptics
We charge onward and upward into the gale, into the shortening days, towards the ever changing summit. •••
Our friends may have passed, their corporeal lights extinguished yet we take the ember of their souls and fan it furiously with our adventures of people+place+purpose and enliven it once again into a glorious conflagration of heat, light and love.
@jessehuey and @jercollins_com scream into the winds, as the earth drops below and the sky opens forever.
User Image timmyoneill Posted: Nov 5, 2017 6:34 PM (UTC)
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Not so sure about keeping a good man down.⬇️
But I do know a bit about sending a bad man up.⬆️
Inspired by a full moon 🌔 @willstanhope 2am #buildering ascent of #haydenshands post-ceremony, post-first bar, post-second bar jukebox dancing, pre-house party.
📷 by @ericbissell
#citymonkey #urbaneape #haydenlives
User Image timmyoneill Posted: Nov 4, 2017 5:08 PM (UTC)
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Katsutaka “Jumbo” Yokoyama embodies the truth that if you live in the bucket, there’s no need for the list.
One of Japan’s preeminent alpinists and a member of the Giri Giri boys, a storied clique of gnarl-masters committed to bare, bold first ascents within the worlds remote mega mountains. •••
He climbs half the year outisde, constantly honing the twins blades of risk and consequence and from his neighborhood crag Mizugaki to the gnashing towers of Patagonia to the splitter cracks of Indian Creek he rises early and often to take the sharp end of life.
@chrisvanleuven holds the rope below as Jumbo heeds the call to “Go Sparky Go” 5.11 at the Sparks Wall, Indian Creek, Bears Ears. #protectbearsears
@patagonia_climb @ospreypacks @petzl_official @clifbar @lasportivana @zealoptics
User Image timmyoneill Posted: Nov 2, 2017 2:19 PM (UTC)
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Back home in the #USA
after an amazing time in #ITALY
The Venice #biennale was a #unitednations of contemporary art - a varied & deep intl tour of idea+action. #artxcursion
••• And the #dolomites 🏔 are mtns beyond mtns ⛰ #wow (which is mom upside down, as in mama🌍) & Hanging with family #pompanin in Cortina d’Ampezzo #lagazuoi for life.
Now to the MOAB & Bears Ears for some Potash and Indian Creek sandstone crack climbing.
Here’s young @willplantz beginning the stunning 50 meters of Pente 5.11- at the Reservoir Wall #protectbearsears #conservation #indiancreek
@patagoniaclimb @ospreypacks @clifbar @petzl_official •••
#RIP Fred Becky an absolute mountain of a climber, a godhead of first ascents. Excellent obituary of the mtn master in my bio.
User Image timmyoneill Posted: Oct 31, 2017 6:02 PM (UTC)
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Come out and play, the door is open.
The view from inside the tunnels below #Lagazuoi These stone burrows were places of abject misery and suffering, in a war that ended almost 100 years ago.
I embrace the #electivechallenge of walking, climbing and #life in the mountains.
And through my work with #veterans who have elected the difficulties of #war I hope and try to create a bridge between the madness of battle and the madness of climbing and kayaking.
User Image timmyoneill Posted: Oct 30, 2017 5:57 PM (UTC)
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It is another autumn embrace of the mighty Dolomites in #cortinadampezzo & no matter how many times I look up at these mountains I am amazed. •••
Perhaps these fluted, soaring peaks are a mirror of my spirit and reflect the wild and untamable self at my core. And to walk and climb amongst these stone symphonies is to listen to the euphonious music that swells inside me. •••
A fortunate, yet scant, seven or eight decades gracing the earths surface pales in comparison to their millennial reign yet I will sit within this throne and forever remain enthralled.
Dolies for Life. #dolomites #italy
@patagonia_climb @ospreypacks @clifbar @petzl_official @lasportivana @zealoptics
User Image timmyoneill Posted: Oct 29, 2017 12:03 PM (UTC)
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Are these Venetian arms and hands pulling themselves out of the Adriatic Sea or are they grasping ahold of civilization and dragging it towards a watery death?
Are they saluting our primordial evolution from aquatic to terrestrial beings or humbly bowing to the climatically changing end of the 🌍 as we know it?
Perhaps it is not a binary choice between our human world ascending or descending but simply both. And just like sympathy that requires the prompt of grief, we must first descend into agony prior to the ascension into ecstasy.
Art in eARTh. #biennale #italy #venice #tourist #earthist #artist @amandasalzman
A blisteringly fast, incredible new Nose record has been set at 2:19:44 by speed phenoms @bradgobright and @chimney_jim on the 3,000ft prow of El Capitan. In order to rapidly ascend such vertically demanding and technical terrain you must climb with a profound trust in yourself and your partner, and it’s a belief that emanates from the core and extends most importantly to the tips of your fingers and toes.
The late, great @deanpotter and I once held that record many moons ago, and it's a reminder of both the inexorable evolution of our capacity to go faster, be stronger and bolder and that history must continually be rewritten by the willing and the winning.
To hold something, be it person, place or thing and then have it vanish is a quintessential part of life, and one which requires us to experience loss, hopefully acceptance and finally perspective. #wow - even though I personally understand the stakes, I am blown away at the audacity, athleticism and willingness to perform on the razor's edge. Huge props fellas.
#elcapitan #yosemite @yosemitenps @patagonia_climb @clifbar @ospreypacks @petzl_official @lasportivana @zealoptics
User Image timmyoneill Posted: Oct 19, 2017 8:21 PM (UTC)
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Man as monkey🐵
Man as lizard🦎
Man as starfish⭐️
@cannonjtc hangs 10, that’s five toes and five fingers off of #thankgodledge a few thousand feet above the #Yosemite Valley floor.
At the base of the northwest face, we also witnessed the wild flight of Man as bird🦅 as first a wing-suit soared overhead before disappearing behind the north buttress and moments later a silhouetted tracker glided above the Death Slabs, body formed into a rigid air foil, powered by a gravity both physical and intellectual.
Yosemite is the best adventure playground on the 🌍
@patagonia_climb @ospreypacks @clifbar @lasportivana @petzl_official @zealoptics
User Image timmyoneill Posted: Oct 18, 2017 8:50 PM (UTC)
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Many hands bring the twilight worth.
••• And they also assist in group toasts to the fabulous #northwest face of #halfdome 🍺 and to our tribe of rock 🐒
Many hands also make light work of supporting our climbing community, especially when one of us is injured, as recently happened to the wonderful and talented @quinndalina while climbing the Nose on El Capitan.
Her #comeback begins now, post spinal cord surgery, and she needs your support. Pls consider donating via the link in my profile.
🙏🏽 We make our living thru work, we make our life thru giving. Thanks for caring, daring and sharing. #tribe
User Image timmyoneill Posted: Oct 17, 2017 8:20 PM (UTC)
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A child running through tall grass
toward a random finish line
clutching a worn stitched bunny
Brings joy and a sense of relief
for even if things are bad now
perhaps soon they'll be better
Even though nature is indifferent
we give it human meaning
via connection to our through-line
And the answers are birth and creation
to questions of death and destruction
as if not for us, then maybe for them.
#yosemite #forever •••
#homecoming #sentinel ••• #child & #parent are both a #mentor ••• 🔥⚡️🌞
User Image timmyoneill Posted: Oct 16, 2017 4:46 PM (UTC)
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@austin_siadak and his mobile #danceparty ascending the #royalarches in @yosemitenps ⚡️🔥🌞 •••
The best adventure loop on the 🌎 that is a master class in risk assessment over myriad types of tricky terrain. •••
We arrived atop Washington’s Column just in time to catch my favorite wilderness program - the exquisite pastels of the sunset light show scrolling across the northwest face of Half Dome - the greatest show on earth 🌈🦄📽
#yosemite #climbing
@patagonia_climb @ospreypacks @petzl_official @clifbar @lasportivana @nativeeyewear
User Image timmyoneill Posted: Oct 12, 2017 2:08 PM (UTC)
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Early morning haze
In Yosemite valley
Thinking of #Hayden and #Inge and #Quinn
Going for a vertical stroll
To think about things
#peace #health #joy
Even within catastrophe
Love to my #tribe
User Image timmyoneill Posted: Oct 10, 2017 4:14 PM (UTC)
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