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Today is the two year adopt-iversary of my lil’ man Cooper! Lil’ dude was on death row at a high kill shelter in Houston, and now he’s living it up in the great Rocky Mountains. It’s crazy how pets become family so quickly. Love this sketchball! #rescuedog #dog #Cooptroup #belgianmalinois #Sassgetsabonefordealingwithus #shereallyloveshimtho
Now that summer is over (and pending tomorrow’s snow storm 🙄) I figure I’d do a seasonal update on this fitness stuff. I totally dropped the ball on dieting post losing 55lbs. 😂 Decided it was best to enjoy my summer, ate and drank whatever, and wholeheartedly enjoyed myself. I managed to keep the weight off and still beef these pea shooters up along the way without really ever hitting arms. 😂 Now it’s back to the grindstone. #fitness #fitnessjourney #fitfam #isymfs #whysitgottasnow #itsFall
Awesome day taking the Jeep out on Devil's Canyon 4x4 trail in the Arapaho #nationalforest! This was a 5.5 mile, moderately rated loop trail. Didn't need to disconnect the sway bars, but definitely encountered more rain, bigger boulders, and obstacles than I had anticipated. Going to need an alignment/balance soon. 😅 #Jeep #jeeplife #colorado #coloradojeeps #rockymountains #itsajeepthing #mountains #jku
I was hoping to post the final set up, but @ups and @extremeterrain really dropped the ball on delivering all my parts in time. That being said, step 2 is complete for the second stage of mods for Bear Grylls! Added some auxiliary lighting for those backwoods #colorado #camping trips! Second photo: top is no lights, second is w/ headlights, third is headlights w/ 4 4" windshield mounted LED Pods, and the last is w/ headlights, LED pods and 22" bumper mounted LED lightbar. #lightemup #led #jeep #jeepwrangler #jku #offroad #mallcrawler #coloradojeep
Well, this was harder than it looked. Thanks to everyone who made Saturday a blast! (Not pictured is a 3 second run that left me on my tail) #birthdayshenanigans #ridethebull #goinoutwithmybootson
Another successful day on the water with lil' man and friends! I wish I had a picture of me attempting (and failing/flailing in the water as the beach laughs hysterically) to paddle board for the first time, but it was still a great day! Loving every minute of this Colorado summer. 👌🏼😎 #kayak #dog #summertime #colorado #shadesareforthesun #bandanaisfortheladies #dixiedoesdenver
Had a great time on a *relatively* easy hike today to one of Colorado's high country waterfalls! Took Coop and I almost 5 hours to finish the 11.2 miles, but it was worth it! #hike #rockymountains #waterfall
So, after reaching the halfway point in our hike, I decided we needed a photo. There wasn't anyone else around to snap a pic for me, so I propped the phone up with a few rocks and ATTEMPTED to take a photo with my lil man at the base of the falls. I think I've got ONE that's good, but the whole candid group was too good not to share. #hike #waterfall #dog #lookslikeIpunchedhim #healmostmademefallin
Alright y'all, so it's been about 5 years since I started my fitness journey. I had let myself go after college athletics, and it was evident after 3 years of not caring. 😂 I first set goals about 3.5 years ago- I wanted to be strong. So I ate as much as possible and lifted as heavy as possible and ended up strong, fat, and injured a few times. Not good! So I decided to switch it up. After a neck/nerve injury that set me back months, I started cutting the food intake back, actually doing cardio, and focused weight training. Took me 5 years of meddling, but I think I found my sweet spot. 🙃 The first pic is 3 years ago- 6'4" and 270lbs, second pic is this past January at 245lbs, and the third pic is from today at 220lbs. The best part is I feel better! Trust the process and find your groove 💪🏼 #fitness #fitnessjourney #transformation #motivation #fitnessphysique #fitfam #stilleatlikeafatkidsometimes
Seriously, though. Colorado, I don't think you got the memo- it's May 18th. You can chill with the snow. #colorado #nomoresnow #please #ainttooproudtobeg
Obligatory sunset pic from the last dinner at the beach! It's been fun ✌🏼 #vacation #sunset #beach
So y'all know I can't leave "well enough" alone, right? 😂 Installed my @rock_krawler 2.5" Flex system with 17" @procompusa wheels and 35x12.50 @bfgoodrichtires All Terrains during the snow storm this weekend! Huge "Thanks!" to @krawloffroad and @4wheelpartsofficial for expediting my shipments and getting everything in on time. And it wouldn't be right if I didn't shout out @jesseleewells for his help on the install and letting me crash his garage for a weekend! Gotta love how projects come together- if there's no story, did it really happen? 😅 #jeep #wrangler #lifted #project #weekend #denver #colorado #jeeplife
This is what happens when you push it a little too far on your #fitnessjourney Strained spinal erector and internal abdominal oblique! Never experienced entire abdominal spasms before, but holy hell is it painful! Looks like I'll be taking it easy for a little while. #fitness #fitfam #workout #gymtime #hustle #injuriesaretemporary
So it's #nationalsiblingday. Here's to the girl my horse tried to push off the mountain. The girl who loved to force me to wear a Kimono as a child and called me Shauna. The woman who took time out of her busy schedule to fly out to Denver to see me (but really to see my puppy 😉). But most of all, here's to the strong woman who cares more about family than anyone I know, who loves deeper than anyone I know, and the empathetic woman I am fortunate to call my sister. Love you to death, Sis!
Took the Jeep and the pups up to Jones Pass for the first off-highway adventure! I absolutely love this thing! This summer is going to be awesome #jeep #wrangler #jku #colorado #rockymountains
Alright, y'all! For the first time, I have been able to buy a brand new vehicle. So here it is, my 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited "Big Bear" edition. Sad to step out of the sports car game, but it feels good to be back in a Wrangler! #jeep #jku #wrangler #imnotsmilingyouresmiling
Go get em, Mariah. You were a fun car. New things are coming!