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  Posted: May 15, 2012 4:54 AM FEED
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This used to be a sea shark... Now it's a land shark!!(; @jennamarbles

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Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Peevy for inviting us to their beautiful wedding🙌🏽 we all had so much fun dancing the night away, laughing uncontrollably, and seeing eachother again! #peevyranchbash
I waited in line for an estimated 10 hours this weekend for 8 rides.
It was worth it though! 🎢
Posted: Apr 22, 2017 10:21 PM
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Before I shaved my pedo-stache. Happy Earth Day 🌏
I did my first keg stand in Santa Barbara on a moving bus that drives in water last weekend. I'd say turning 21 has been pretty fun so far🙌🏽🌚
When your girlfriend is going off to college so you buy a car to go see her🙃❤️
Dinner last night with the wifey🙌🏽😛
Throwback with my baby girl taking pictures before she left to church camp to praise da lord🙌🏽🙏🏽
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE😭😍🙌🏽❤️️🎊🎁🛍🎉🎀🎈 I take you for granted sometimes but I absolutely love you with ALL of my heart💙 you blessed me 3 years ago by letting me be your boyfriend. It was the best decision I've ever made😊 We've made so many memories that we will be able too look back on🙌🏽 PS: we look like an elderly couple😂 I Love You
👰🏽👰🏽👰🏽Happy national Girlfriends Day🙌🏽👏🏽💙🙄😍🔥🔥( AKA Best Friends Day)
I love you so much and I cherish every second I get with you😈 I thank GOD for putting you in my life😘
On my way to Venice, so obviously stoked to go to Golds😜
Almost 2 months, and it still feels like yesterday that we all said goodbye to you in the hospital. I hope you're still smilin. I'll try and see you in a bit man
So proud of Vivi💛🙌🏽 Bae finished TC, now it's on to bigger schools😉 She's gonna do great and graduate with honors because she'll always have her support system behind her🙏🏽😘
Dear Christian:

Im still at a loss of words. This doesn't feel real. All I have now are the memories. Memories of our childhood and having so much fun. I remember when you used to ride the peewee around the backyard and me and my brother raced you on bikes. I remember the New Years Eve party when mine and your mom got drunk on patron and we all danced to 'tootsie roll' while eating your dads deep fried egg rolls. I remember the first time I saw you holding milo right next to your face and he'd try to bite you. You'd slide him under your feet while laughing that corny little laugh. I remember your dad yelling "doo-doo stop" or "doo-doo quit it". I remember coming over and playing the PlayStation while our parents talked and me and my brother fighting over the controller while you just laughed. I still remember that one time me you and my brother were running through the skatepark and we saw some kid rolling up a cigarette and we thought it was marijuana so we flagged down a cop and told him he was smoking pot. It's crazy that I now live in the room you grew up in and made so many memories with me in. I have a lot of memories of our families, and I thank GOD everyday for them. I know I wasn't there as much as I should've been in your time of need, and for that I am forever sorry. As soon as I heard you had the C word, I lost it. I knew it was going to be a hard fight. But I didn't know you were such a fighter. I didn't know you would be the same kind, fun-loving person you were before. I didn't know that EVERYONE and their mothers would come and have your back on this fight. I have known you for almost all of my short life here on this Earth, and without a doubt, I can say YOU are stronger than I am. YOU are more patient than I've ever been. And you've taught me a lot in such a short amount of time, and for that, I am forever grateful. Whenever I say, hear, or see the words " #Csimpsonstrong " it's motivating.