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Le Carnivale sneak peeeek! Can't wait to dance for SYFWB with 12th planet! #rave #carnival #rage #corset #gogo #dubstep #love #tutu #plur #12thplanet

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Even though I want to strangle you at times and tie you up by your feet, I guess that’s what love is. Thankyou for taking care of me this weekend, never found someone who was willing to put everything aside just to make sure I was healthy ♥️ @matthewjayr #loveyou
#MCM 💝 #nofilter for these roses given to me by the best man I could have ever asked for. I’ve been laying in his bed a little anxious with some things I have going on and he left work and surprised me with these and a kiss before having to bolt back to the office. ‘Just because’ presents mean lightyears more than I’m sorry presents, and he made my day. Thankyou babe, I appreciate you so much 🍁💝 #beautiful #happygirl #solucky
Uhh F #louisvuitton .. #prada is killing it with the embellished & embroidered bags this season 😳 #goals #happyfriday #fashion
Had to give it a try, even though it was very disappointing for $5.00 a can 😒.
My heart hurts for everyone down south affected by #HurricaneIrma 💔 Praying for my family and friends in Florida, along with all the animals that have been left behind by their owners. If you could leave them behind in a situation like this, you never deserved them to begin with.
The trees are about to show us how • lovely • it is to let the dead things go 🍁☕️🎃✨ #goodbyesummer #hellofall
My dad always knows how to make me smile 🌸☺️💕 (using my #donjulio1942 bottle as a vase 😂)
I swear my best nights consist of a good vino, a home cooked meal, paired with a #BillBurr #Netflix special & #paint brush in hand 🍷🍝🎨
You know us girls gotta change our hair color/cut to make it official we going through some life changes 🤷🏽‍♀️😂 I love it though #haircolor #hairstyle #beauty #hairstyles #summerhair