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This is more than a movement. This is a family. So amazing seeing people believe and fight for freedom. Go to to plug into this community and find a group near you. #YøuBeløngHere
Y/A Night is BACK next Sunday, and the second message in our #ThereIsAnAnswer Series is "Let's Talk About Sex". @calliealise and I are going to be talking about this from all different perspectives from being single, dating, engaged and married, and unpacking what God's wants for us in these areas! I can't wait @nlcya_littlerock
Sunday Oct 8th @ 7pm in the GLR Student Center. BRING. YOUR. CREW. #YøuBeløngHere
Loved getting to wrap up CONNECT CLASS today @nlcdowntownlittlerock! Seeing people finding their place never gets old :) #TheARGodSees
About last night: It marked almost exactly 3 years since the original #NLCYoungAdults Life Group, and it just keeps getting better and better... 57 people making decisions to follow Christ for the first time or in a new/fresh way, and tons of people FINDING THEIR PLACE in Life Groups (DM me if want info on groups!) So many ready to dig into the BEST THINGS God has for them. @nlcya_littlerock, the best is in front of us. Can't wait to see all that Christ is going to do in and through this community this semester!!! #YouBelongHere #THEREISANANSWER
Everyone, everywhere, from every era in history has been searching for an Answer. Although it's not always easy or neat, we believe that in Jesus, God sent an Answer for our every problem, circumstance and need. We can't wait to dive in and search this out as a community this Fall @nlcya_littlerock. #ThereIsAnAnswer #BetterTøgether #YøuBeløngHere

More excited for this than anything in a long time. Life Group Launch is going down @nlcgreaterlittlerock (Monday and Tuesday at 6:30pm) and @nlcdowntownlittlerock after Sunday morning services! Get there. Next Y/A Night is 09|10|2017
Through 5 years I've laughed (a lot) with you, and I've cried (a lot) with you. I've seen victory with you, and we've suffered defeat. We've moved, and we've planted. We have sown, and we've reaped. Through it all, you have been FULL of Faith and Hope and Grace and Love, and I have unequivocally found these things to be true: You are clothed with strength and dignity, and laugh without fear of the future. I can trust you without reserve. You enrich my life. You are energetic and strong. You extend a helping hand to the poor, and open your arms to the needy. When you speak, your words are wise, and you give instructions with kindness. You carefully watch everything in our household and suffer nothing from laziness. There are many virtuous and capable women in the world, but @calliealise, you surpass them all. I love you. Thank you for loving me too :)
Can't wait to be with our @nlcdowntownlittlerock family tomorrow morning (9:30 and 11:15) then @nlcya_glr Y/A NIGHT at 7pm TOMORROW NIGHT! Gonna be a crazy good day. Bring somebody! #bettertøgether #TheChurchGodSees
SO PROUD of these peeps. Y/A Culture Academy Vision Night was a BLAST! Love the way our people lean into the Word. I'm convinced we get to lead with the greatest people on the planet. Can't wait for the SUMMER! #CultureAcademy #bettertøgether
"... he himself likewise partook of the same things, that through death he might destroy the one who has the power of death, that is, the devil, and deliver all those who through fear of death were subject to lifelong slavery.”
‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭2:15‬ ‭ESV‬‬

Can't wait to celebrate this with my church FAM tomorrow morning! 8:15am and 10:45am @nlcgreaterlittlerock and 9am and 11am @nlcdowntownlittlerock!!! #heisHOPE
Y/A Night THIS SUNDAY!!!! Got Pastor @amir_acle15 bring the WORD, and a Ping-Pong-Tournament-Rave AFTERPARTY... what I'm saying is it's a CAN'T MISS NIGHT. BRING YO CREW! •

7pm | GLR STUDENT CENTER #bettertøgether
Tomorrow is going to be a crazy good day... Can't wait for CHURCH in multiple locations in Little Rock tomorrow morning!
Join us at @nlcgreaterlittlerock at 9:30am and 11:15am and @nlcdowntownlittlerock at 9am and 11am! Then @nlcya_glr house parties will be going DOWN tomorrow night after church. Incredible days we are in! #TheARGodSees #bettertøgether
Man, I LOVE MY CITY. God is stirring up something new, and I'm SO GLAD he chose to let me come along for the ride. I've never seen our church so full of authentic praise, HEAVEN SENT vision, and CHRIST CENTERED,NO-STRINGS-ATTACHED-LOVE... and this is just the beginning. Watch out LITTLE ROCK and beyond. #argodsees #wasthatannsyncreference?
"Never once in my life did I ask God for success or wisdom or power or fame. I asked for wonder, and He gave it to me." This quote sums up what I love about my wife. She's not interested in getting attention, or doing things her way, or achieving a platform (she runs from it) but in experiencing the goodness of God, living life His way because it is the best way, and living a life FULL of wonder. This is the quality about her that won my heart almost 8 years ago, and that I'm still searching out and admire the most. Here's to at lifetime of wonder, my love 😘
"God doesn't crave your perfection, he craves your love." @hunterbezet @katybezet and team are CRUSHING it @nlcgreenbrier. What an incredible church. #ARGodsSees
Our first ever @nlcmissions team trip to @lifehousehk has come to a close. We got to see over 100 new people come into this incredible local church this week, and see the beginnings of what will be a city-changing church starting in Macau. Huge shout out to our friends @richardlwelsh and @janice.welsh, you are kingdom builders in the truest sense, and I CAN'T WAIT to have you come speak to @nlcya_glr next month! See you soon 🇺🇸