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"Don't feel the need to always protect. You are fine without the control. Let people be and let them learn for themselves...." #imback #maybe #amsterdam #richteamedia360
A New High: It was actually quite difficult to capture this photo. This is a medical facility in Sydney and it's generally closed to the public. The lady at the front controls the security door and was not allowed to let me in. It was the last week of my 3 month trip and I knew I wouldn't be back in Australia for a long time. So I stood there, continued to chat her up; was told "No" at least 4-5 times, I begged, tried different angles, almost gave up... and thankfully after all that, she responds "OK.You have 10 minutes and stay within my sight" 2016 has been full of difficult obstacles, but you stay relentless to get where you want to be; even when people tell you, 'you can't'. Challenge yourself this year and try to turn some No's into Yes! Leave a comment if you encountered something similar. I'd love to hear about it!

Have a Happy New Years! 🤡
Let Nature Flow : Sometimes when you're unsure, ask strangers for their opinion, you'll get unbiased feedback. My favourite comment was "Well what are you trying to achieve, first?" #sydney #cockatooisland #australiagram
My first time shooting with Mario. He pulls out his camera and the lens cap doesn't come off. Inside you can hear shattered glass moving around. I'll never forget that look of shock and sadness on his face, thinking his lens was completely destroyed. When he was finally able to take off the cap, the lens was not broken and it was just the lens filter that was shattered. Mario held his chest with a huge sigh of relief. That moment reminded me how much our cameras mean to us. #sydney #photostories
Getting Accustomed : Shooting something different that's not my usual style. Tell me something you're not accustomed to. Did you overcome it? #customshouse #sydney #nsw #theworldneedsmorespiralstaircases
Sydney Drift 🚓🚙🚕🚗This photo is a bit chaotic; No clear focus, but there's something in here that draws me to it. I'm not completely sure why. Maybe because it's the fact that it's unclear and not a typical photo of Sydney is why I choose it. Let me know your thoughts! #sydney #Australia #streetsofsydney
Unreal Worlds. Thank you again Paradise Helicopters for welcoming me to photograph your choppers! #hawaii #oahu #paradise #helicopter #grammasters3