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Another day, another adventure.

PC: @gabscanu
A tribute to one of my favorite photographers.

PC: @jasonmpeterson
A HUGE happy birthday to both the drone master who captured this photo but also the stud who convinced me to take what was at the time a fun hobby and turn it into something bigger; my Instagram.
Happy birthday @dirka ! Love you man! Thanks for all the years of encouragement and inspiration.

It's been a long day. Thankful for silly time tickling my kids, relaxin time watching New Girl with my wife, and a box of mac and cheese with hotdogs and a cup of sweet tea to close it out.

Look out tomorrow, here I come. And in the words of Edmond Dantès, 'Do your worst, for I shall do mine!' Gosh I forgot how dope The Count of Monte Cristo is.

PC: @scottcbakken
Getting weird with some golden hour reflections.
PC: @thurstonphoto
Anyone getting away this weekend? Have fun, stay safe, snap some photos.

PC: @gavman18
If anyone wants to send my fam someplace like this, we will give you SO many shoutouts.

PC @morganmaassen.

#hopefullyafuturead #🌴 #🌊 #🏝
Hope everyone is maxin and relaxin on this #LaborDay.

PC: @nolanomura
"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all." -Helen Keller.

PC: @jackson.groves.
I will never not be in awe of 🌊's photographed from this perspective. @benthouard for the win with this gem.

Getting that golden hour with a killer shot from @maliworkman.