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  Posted: May 14, 2012 8:38 PM FEED
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The year was 2012, I walked into the very first Walking Dead house not knowing what I'd gotten myself into. I made friends with @bethstuebben and many tongue jokes were made! Bonding us from that point forward. 😝 We also shared a break space with some "Beasts" that year one of them being the man she is marrying today @mfheadliner I am honored and excited to see them vow "till death to they part" today! 💀💍#hhnfamily #walkercrew #spookturckular
🎶 If I only had a mask,
I'd cover these bleeding eyes.
They're bloodshot now but they'll be black by dawn.
If I wake up now,
I can be pure again. 🎶 #hhn27 #hhnfamily #poemates #festivalofthedeadliest
One of the best parts of HHN is hugging all my ops friends, I'm extremely proud of this lady right her and glad to see her grow with the company! So this #wcw goes to @lopezjessica_ 💞🎃😘 #womancrushwednesday #universalfam #trolleyfam #choochoo #hhn27
Posted: Oct 14, 2017 1:27 AM
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I'm not one to normally post things like this but yeah if I've been distant this is why.
Thanks Facebook for taking forever to upload all the photos from Dane's birthday the other night only to have none of it show up 😩 For now all y'all are getting is one of the million laughing photos I took with the lovely @megneyland 💞👯🍻 #bondbirthday #universalfam #goodtimeswithgoodpeople
It's been a week since @battyrogue and @donesc5 got married and I will never have the right words to put how happy I am for them! I've been in zombie mode/not on social media that much the last few days but I will probably be sharing these photos for the rest of the year. Love everyone involved. #jamsdonut #coopmodeunlocked #jansclan #fambam #goodtimeswithgoodpeople
Last night @beccagriffindor gave me the courage to get up and sing at Rising Star. Ain't it fun? I sure as heck think it was. 🎶🍻💋 #risingstar #goodtimeswithgoodpeople #paramorewasasolidchoice
Last day working with Mom, who else am I going to confuse guests by calling that out to?! 😭💔🚂💫 #anotheronebitesthedust #porterproblems #universalfam #morticiaandwednesday