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Tryin to get my car back. So close to havin enough that I'm bustin out the change sack. *fingers crossed*

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Made a new friend at Morley. Meet Chewy. #ampliphone
Just like in real life... She came out all perfect, and I'm totally fucked up. @paty_pasteles #ampliphone
Chilling at my old place of employment, when I worked in Palm Springs. Azul was cool then, but, I think it might be cooler now. @paty_pasteles #palmsprings #azul #ampliphone
The stuff you add to an already awesome day. When everyday is a mystery, you take it as you best can. But, no matter the adventure, you should always make time for an old friend. So, for now, we toast. #feckinbeermebrah #ampliphone @eppigbrewing
Knife handling skills are less than on point... But, I guess I believe you won't cut yourself. #ampliphone @paty_pasteles
She doesn't like when I make piss sounds while she has to piss. She likes it even less when I take pictures of her without telling her, while I'm making piss sounds when she has to piss. #pisssounds @paty_pasteles @moderntimesbeer
I shall name this mangwich the Steak-MangJay. #ampliphone @paty_pasteles
Have various foods in fridge. Don't want foods to go bad. Purchase minimal things to make risked foods a meal. Result: Salad; with marinated romaine, and spinach. Asparagus, broccoli, peapods, homemade tortilla crisps (credit to @paty_pasteles) seared, then baked chicken breast (with spices and lemon), blueberries, cantaloupe, red bell peppers (for me, not her) cucumber, tomato, almonds, goat cheese, Granny Smith apple. Food. #ampliphone
A beautiful night at the velodrome. Chillin with the lady, watching the axion. #ampliphone @paty_pasteles