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ssippi 18h ago
Going... going... GOOOONE!! Justin Turner with a 3 run HR to WIN game #2 vs. the Cubs! #letsgododgers #losdoyers
ssippi 1d ago
My mom makes better maple syrup than your mom ✨💛
ssippi 2d ago
I got a waffle iron! My 1st waffle 😊🥞
ssippi 3d ago
Happy Friday 13th!! ✨🔪☠️ (drawing by @jessecaits. Reproduced by @rogerselinertattoo in permanent ink)
ssippi 3d ago
You would love this chili! Then I'd say, "Guess what?... it's vegan!" And then you'd go, "Ewww!😣" because you're STUPID! Ha! I tried the Beyond Meat burger as a beef substitute. I couldn't stop eating it as I was prepping everything else! So good!! #beyondmeat #beyondburger #vegan #veganchili #MyChiliIsBetterThanYours ✨😊👍🏽
ssippi 4d ago
At 6:30am while most of you were still sleeping...
ssippi 4d ago
5:30am. I have coffee and a banana. ☕️🍌
ssippi 1w ago
First time I went here was in 1999. A divey punk/indie music venue in a not so appealing area of LA. Nowadays it's a fancy bowling alley and the neighborhood is quite fancy too.
ssippi 1w ago
I can't wait to see what I do with this book ✨😊🥂
ssippi 2w ago
Couldn't be a better soundtrack for me this morning 😊☕️🎶 #ssippimusicselects #chetbaker #easylikesundaymorning